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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Regulated navigation area notice to public rule making

APRA HARBOR, Guam—The Coast Guard will conduct public meetings to discuss changes to the regulated navigation areas in Apra Harbor, Guam, as detailed in the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Regulated Navigation Areas and Limited Access Areas Waterway Management; Apra Harbor, Guam, Docket No. USCG-2013-0935.

The Coast Guard is considering revising and consolidating existing Regulated Navigation Areas, Security Zones and Safety Zones currently in place in Apra Harbor, Guam. This action is intended to replace a number of redundant, potentially confusing and outdated navigation regulations with a cogent regulatory framework. The goal is to better meet the needs of the community by clarifying and streamlining requirements. The Coast Guard is soliciting comments related to navigation in Apra Harbor, Guam, including ways the Coast Guard can streamline the regulations in place while promoting safety on the waterway.

The Coast Guard is considering:

- Consolidating the existing four RNAs, (33 CFR 165.1405(a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(4) and 165.1402(a)), into one Regulated Navigational Area that addresses the waters of the Apra Harbor Channel entrance and all waters of the Apra Harbor outer harbor.

- Expanding the radius of the existing Kilo Wharf Safety Zone (33 CFR 165.1401(b)) into a series of two or three safety zone radius options based upon the volume and type of cargo transferred at Kilo Wharf, thereby optimizing harbor operations viability and personal safety.

- Removing Hotel Wharf Safety Zones A and B (33 CFR 165.1405.1(a) and (b)) due to obsolescence.

- Retaining Security Zone C, Buoy 702 (33 CFR 165.1404). This zone surrounds a permanent mooring buoy reserved for specific vessels.

Two public meetings will be held at the Port Authority Guam Building, 1026 Cabras Highway, Piti, Guam, on Jan. 22, 2014, from 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm.

To review the docket or submit online comments visit https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/01/10/2014-00280/regulated-navigation-areas-and-limited-access-areas-waterway-management-apra-harbor-guam. (USCG)

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