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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Over $1 million a year for sports facilities in Guam

HAGATNA, Guam—Sports facilities in the villages and the schools are about to get a cash infusion for repairs and upgrades, thanks to Gov. Eddie Calvo. On Monday, Sen. Tommy Morrison and Sen. Chris Duenas met with Calvo who directed his Cabinet to establish a special fund required by law that will provide over $1 million per year in regular funding for school and village sports facilities.

The fund will address deferred maintenance at the island’s sports facilities due to funding constraints the past decade.

“I am pleased that Governor Calvo has worked with us in establishing this fund, as it will provide over a million dollars in funding for these facilities every single year moving forward,” Morrison said.

The newly established funding source is derived from proceeds associated with legal limited gaming, and will be split among the village mayors, the Department of Education, and the Department of Parks and Recreation for sports facilities repairs and upgrades.

According to Duenas, the catalyst of the public law was to provide a dedicated funding source for the maintenance of the island’s sports facilities, and provide better community facilities for students, athletes, and families.

“We wanted to finally fix this problem. Our youth and families deserve better facilities from their government. This funding source will provide quality and well maintained facilities,” Duenas said.

Morrison, co-sponsor of the public law, said, “Our village mayors, the Department of Education and the Department of Parks & Recreation finally have a real funding source to make much needed repairs and improvements to the island’s sports facilities. This is a real win for our athletes.”

“We are pleased that the governor has made village and school sports facilities a priority, as this will improve the quality of life for our youth and families,” Duenas said. (PR)

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