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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Man arrested for allegedly attacking father with chair

A 30-year-old man was arrested for allegedly hitting his father with a dining chair at their house in Sinapalo I, Rota on Monday.

The alleged victim, Henry Ogo, who is in his early 60’s, sustained scratches on the left knee and a scrape on the right forearm. He also had a scratch on his chest, police said.

His son, Serafin M. Ogo, was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, and criminal mischief. He is being kept on a $50,000 cash bail. Preliminary hearing is on Jan. 21.

Assistant public defender Michael Sato was appointed as Ogo’s counsel.

Police detective Tricia A. Manglona stated in her report that the Department of Public Safety dispatcher received a call on Sunday at 11:56pm about an ongoing fight at the house of Henry Ogo.

After a few minutes, another caller reported to police that gunshots were heard coming from the same house.

Henry Ogo told the responding police officer that he and his wife were asleep when their son, Serafin, arrived and asked him for a fight for no reason. He said his son then started hitting him with a dining chair several times on his body and forearms. Henry Ogo managed to chase out his son from the house. He then called for police’s assistance.

Serafin Ogo told police that he and his father got into a fight. He told police that his father just got aggressive when he told him to relax because he was not talking to him.

The mother told police that Serafin Ogo had asked to borrow their truck but the father refused. The father and son then argued and started to fight.

One officer searched the house and found a rifle under a blanket. The gun’s magazine was still attached. Police secured the gun and arrested Serafin Ogo.

A witness told police that he heard three gunshots coming from Henry Ogo’s house. Manglona’s report, however, did not mention as to who fired the gun.

Police learned that it was not the first time that Serafin Ogo allegedly assaulted his father.

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