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Monday, April 21, 2014

2 burglary cases believed solved

A man who allegedly burglarized two houses of his neighbors in Finasisu in separate incidents last year has been arrested after a witness chased and identified him.

The alleged identification led police to serve the arrest warrant on the suspect, Pedro C. Manalo Jr., 28, on Wednesday on charges of burglary and theft.

At a hearing yesterday, Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo imposed a $6,000 cash bail for Manalo’s temporary release. Preliminary hearing will be on Jan. 22 at 9am.

Police detective Catherine B. Pangelinan stated in her report that the first burglary happened on Oct. 16 and the second on Dec. 23, where several tools and other items were stolen.

Pangelinan said the alleged victim in the Oct. 16 incident appeared at the police station on Dec. 23 to follow up on the two burglary and theft cases that occurred at his mother’s house and at his neighbor’s.

The alleged victim disclosed that Manalo left behind his black slipper under a mango tree when he chased the suspect earlier that night.

Pangelinan said she later proceeded to the scene where she took photos of the scene, procured a black DABA slipper, and interviewed witnesses.

The alleged victim told police that on Dec. 23 at 8:30pm to 9pm, he was in his mother’s house when he noticed a flickering light from a flashlight at their neighbor’s house. He knew it was a burglar because their neighbor had just left to visit a friend.

The alleged victim took a mop stick but accidentally made a loud noise, alerting the burglar. The burglar turned off his flashlight, ran to the back of the house, and hid behind a flower concrete vase.

The alleged victim/witness identified the burglar as their neighbor, Manalo, and yelled at him to stop running. During the chase, the suspect left behind his black slipper.

The alleged victim/witness managed to catch up with Manalo on the highway because the latter had stopped running as he was gasping for air. When he told Manalo he would call the police, the suspect fled toward his house.

When police officers arrived at the scene later, they found tools, including a skill saw and utility spike, on the ground, where Manalo had been hiding.

Pangelinan said that during her follow-up investigation, Manalo’s child and his common-law wife identified the slipper that had been left behind as that of Manalo’s.

Pangelinan said she also saw at Manalo’s garage a chainsaw that matched the description of the tool that had been stolen from the victim who chased the suspect.

Pangelinan said the victim positively identified the chainsaw as among the items stolen from their house during the Oct. 16 burglary.

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