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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guam senator scores racism vs FAS migrants

HAGATNA, Guam—Sen. Michael F.Q. San Nicolas reacts to recent comments made by Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio about Compact Impact migrants who have made Guam their home.

“When you draw a line between our people, you are not promoting public safety,” said San Nicolas. “It’s one thing to say that we need to make sure the laws of Guam are followed and rules are applied, like Vice Speaker Cruz said, but it’s entirely something else to say that those who follow the laws applicable to everyone else are not welcomed because of their race. The safety of our community is our shared responsibility. As the public safety czar, Lt. Gov. Tenorio needs to also accept responsibility for the rise in crime during his administration and the fact we no longer feel safe in our own homes, rather than trying to deflect the issue on the basis of race.”

San Nicolas suggests that Tenorio focus his efforts on enforcing Guam’s laws, not dividing the community with inflammatory rhetoric.

“This administration lets 284 businesses get their business licenses renewed without paying their taxes, clearly in violation of the law, which is something Lt. Gov. Tenorio can immediately address, recovering millions of dollars of the peoples’ money to pay for more police officers, more patrol cars, and strengthen the public safety of our island,” San Nicolas stated. “Follow the law, help our island, and spare our people the indecency of racism.” (PR)

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