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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mom allegedly let boyfriend sexually abuse her daughter

A mother allegedly allowed her boyfriend to sexually abuse her 17-year-old daughter in front of her inside a motel room in San Jose last year.

Police arrested on Wednesday the suspects—Daisina S. Suda, 40, and Parvej Mohamed Barpery, 43—for conspiracy, sexual abuse of a minor in the third degree, sexual assault in the first degree, assault and battery, and disturbing the peace.

Bail was set at $100,000 cash each. Preliminary hearing will be on Jan. 21 at 1:30pm.

Assistant public defender Michael Sato was appointed to represent Suda, while the court will appoint a private counsel for Barpery. Assistant attorney general Heather Barcinas appeared for the government at Friday’s hearing.

Police detective Isapen Bokuku stated in her report that police began investigating the case on Nov. 26 after the Department of Public Safety received a call about a sexual abuse of a minor that occurred in San Jose, Saipan.

Bokuku said the alleged victim told police on Jan. 8 that Barpery, her mother’s boyfriend, sexually abused her in May 2013 when she was just 17 years old inside a room at San Jose Motel.

The teenager alleged that her mother, Suda, her 4-year-old brother, and Barpery were at the motel and that Suda and Barpery had been drinking. Suda allegedly offered beer to the girl but she refused.

The victim said that Suda instructed her to sit on the bed next to Barpery. When she refused, Suda allegedly yelled at her. Barpery then allegedly started sexually abusing the teenager. The alleged victim cried and told Barpery to stop, but her mother yelled again at her to shut up. As the girl struggled, Suda allegedly assisted Barpery by holding her right leg. Due to pain, the girl screamed. Barpery became afraid and jumped off her.

Last Jan. 9, police detectives let the girl wear a recording device during her conversation with Suda about the incident.

Bokuku said when the girl confronted Suda why she let Barpery sexually abuse her, her mother stated she could not stop thinking about it. Suda also claimed that she didn’t remember what she did because she was drunk at the time.

Bokuku said that in her interview with Suda on Jan. 10, she admitted that she and Barpery brought her daughter and son to the San Jose Motel in August 2013.

Allegedly, Barpery told Suda he wants her daughter to marry him as soon as she turns 18 so his immigration status can be fixed and they can stay together as a family. Suda told Barpery to talk to her daughter. Barpery then told the girl to fix his papers by marrying him.

Suda told police that she does not remember if something happened to her daughter that night because she was drunk.

Suda said she confronted Barpery about the incident, but the latter told her that if she would report the matter to police nobody would believe her because she was drunk at the time and didn’t remember anything. Suda stated that Barpery told her that if her daughter reports the incident, he would kill Suda and her children.

This wasn’t the first time for the couple to get on the police blotter. Police arrested Suda last New Year’s Day for allegedly biting Parbery below the right nipple and chasing him with a knife at their residence in Lower Miha, Garapan. She was temporarily released in that case.

Last September, Suda and Barpery were both arrested after they engaged in a brawl at their house in Garapan. The two pleaded guilty and served prison term.

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