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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rob suspect surrenders to DPS

Manuel Jones Villagomez, a man being hunted by police for his alleged participation in a robbery case, surrendered to the Department of Public Safety on Friday morning.

DPS spokesman Travis Hurst said Villagomez turned himself in at DPS in Susupe and was subsequently brought to the Department of Corrections.

Hurst thanked the media for publishing the arrest warrant information on Friday.

Villagomez is expected to be taken to the Superior Court for a bail hearing today, Monday.

On Thursday, Hurst released a news release seeking the public’s help on the whereabouts of Villagomez as police could not serve him the arrest warrant issued by the Superior Court.

In that release, Hurst said detectives and police officers from DPS Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation and the Commonwealth State Police have not been able to capture Villagomez pursuant to the arrest warrant.

Hurst said the Superior Court issued the warrant against Villagomez on charges of robbery, conspiracy, and disturbing the peace.

The DPS police spokesman did not release more details about the case.

Saipan Tribune, however, learned that the incident was about a purse snatching case in Garapan last Dec. 3. The victims were tourists—man and a woman.

Villagomez was arrested early last week for domestic violence and appeared before Superior Court Associate Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio. The defendant was then temporarily released after he posted bail.

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