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Friday, April 18, 2014


MHS environmental ambassadors clean up Tank Beach

“Leave it better than you found it.”

That’s the principle Marianas High School AP Biology teacher and Conservation Action Plan Committee adviser Andy Nissen said is what he and his students believe in.

Nissen and 10 students from the Conservation Action Plan Committee, who consider themselves “environmental ambassadors,” woke up early yesterday morning to clean the shores of Tank Beach.

According to Nissen, the club initially started with just six students under the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance. This year the students took “going green” into their own hands by forming the new club.

The group picked up over a dozen trash bags worth of garbage. They plan to expand their projects across the island and get more people at their school involved.

“We hope that more students, especially at a big school like MHS, will be more involved,” Nissen said.

Club member Aurora David shared that she and the other members are going to introduce a trash-bin program that separates recycled materials.

“It is important to do things like this to help our environment. We just want to help because the smallest things make the biggest difference,” David said.

“We do things like this because we must show our tourists the best look of Saipan. By picking trash at places like this, we do just that. Saipan is the most beautiful place in the world and we have to show people what we have to offer,” another club member, Jonavelle Cuerdo, said.

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