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Friday, April 18, 2014

Armed man robs San Jose Mart

An unidentified man armed with a rifle robbed the San Jose Mart in San Jose early yesterday morning.

The suspect, described as a light-skinned male with long hair and about 5’7” to 5’9” tall, managed to run off with $380 from the cash register, police said.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Hurst said that crime scene technicians obtained from the scene the rifle that the suspect used.

Hurst said police officers responded to San Jose Mart at about 3:31am yesterday after receiving a call about an armed robbery.

Hurst said that during an interview with the cashier, she stated that she was sweeping the floor when she heard someone running inside the store and shouting, “Give me the money! Give me the money!”

When the cashier turned around, she saw the suspect pointing a rifle at her. In fear, the cashier relinquished money from her cash register to the suspect.

Hurst said the surveillance video obtained from the store verifies the witness accounts.

“Anyone with information about this armed robbery is asked to call the Department of Public Safety or the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation at (670) 664-9001 or (670) 664-9062,” he said.

The report did not mention whether the suspect used a getaway vehicle.

If a robbery involves a gun, federal agents usually step into the investigation.

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