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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Youth Congress plans CNMI-wide youth summit
Resolution recognizes February as Teen Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Members of the 14th CNMI Youth Congress and representatives of the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence have their picture taken at the Legislature yesterday after YC resolution 14-01 was passed. (Contributed Photo) Members of the 14th CNMI Youth Congress passed Resolution 14-01 recognizing February as Teen Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness Month during their second organizational session on Capital Hill on Saturday.

Sen. Marielle Kapileo, Youth Congress Speaker and author of the resolution, said: “With the generation many of our youth has established a variety of relationships. Many adults are not aware, but with some of these relationships come problems. This resolution is passed so that we are aware of the many issues affecting our youth today.”

Maise B. Tenorio, member of the NMI Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, praised the members of the Youth Congress for taking the time to recognize February as Teen Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“You are the leaders of the CNMI and we are so happy to be partners with you. We are so excited,” Tenorio told the youth senators.

Both the coalition and the Youth Congress will host a variety of events next month such as a poetry slam and a proclamation signing at the Governor’s Office next Friday.

The session only lasted minutes but the youth senators met afterwards for an informal meeting to discuss the annual youth summit that the Youth Congress is allotted a budget for.

According to floor leader and summit co-chair Maria Dizon, the summit is tentatively set for March 21 and will be held at the Legislature building.

“At the summit, we cover topics ranging from preparing for college to the effects of modern-day social networking,” Dizon said.

Kyle David Manuel, who co-chairs the youth summit committee, expressed excitement and hope for the summit.

"Every day, the youth of the CNMI are faced with issues that they may not have the ability to solve themselves. …It is my hope that, through this upcoming Youth Congress summit, we will be able to address the most important issues that face the youth of the CNMI.”

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