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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jets outlast Fielders in Junior League

A Jets pitcher makes eye contact with their catcher before throwing a pitch to the Comets during their game in the Junior League last Saturday at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield. (Roselyn B. Monroyo) The Jets eked out a 17-16 victory in a four-hour game against the IT&E Fielders in the Junior League of the 2014 Saipan Little League Baseball yesterday at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield.

The Jets got two runs off the Fielders’ errors at the bottom of the seventh inning with only one out to steal the victory. It was the Jets’ first this season, as they dropped their opener last Saturday against the Comets.

The Juan Santiago Tenorio and Saipan Shipping-sponsored Jets seemed headed for a 0-2 start when they entered the last inning facing a 13-16 deficit. The Fielders, who were also downed by three after six complete innings, 10-13, turned the tables of the Jets at the top of the seventh after getting five runs off their foe’s miscues and stealing home.

At the bottom of the seventh, Leo Salalila led off for the Jets and had a base hit, while Noel Castro was next at bat and walked. The first two batters went on to score off Nathan Torres’ single and Napu Pua’s walk, respectively. Torres, Pua, and fourth batter Jerome Reyes then loaded the bases, but the Jets failed to score in the ensuing play, as Kenny Diaz was struck out. Andres Camacho was next at bat and hit his target with the ball dropping in between the first and second base and the Fielders right fielder fumbling, losing precious time in picking the ball up and then making a wild throw to second base. The errors allowed Torres and Reyes to run home and finally end the marathon in favor of the Jets.

Comets 7, Jets 2

In last Saturday’s final match, the Comets zoomed past the Jets.

Aurel Mendiola started out for the Comets and gave up only one hit and one run, while striking out three in a four-inning shift. The Comets then used three more pitches in the remaining three innings and kept its tight defense to ground the Jets, who got their first run off a sacrifice in the first inning and the second (unearned) in the fifth.

The Jets clung to the slim 1-0 lead only after the third inning, as the Comets went on to grab the upper hand at the top of the fourth off Jimmy Demapan’s RBI single and Lorenzo Sebaklim’s run off a Jets booboo at second base. The Comets added four more runs, two earned, in the last three innings to win their debut.

Fielders 10, Falcons 9

In the second game, the Fielders survived the Falcons.

Thanks to closer Kimo Angailen, who struck out Jay Kalen for the last out at the bottom of the seventh inning. The Fielders pitcher made the game saver after the Falcons moved within one and the loaded the bases.

The Falcons lost their debut despite a promising 6-0 lead after three and a half innings. The Falcons gave up the driver’s seat in the next two innings when the Fielders scored nine runs in the fourth and fifth and hung on tight to the top, 10-8, going into the bottom of the seventh.

At the bottom of the seventh, leadoff batter Benen Iguel singled and reached home of fielder’s choice to move the Falcons within one. Jose Pangelinan was next at the plate and walked, while the Falcons’ next two batters were booted out. The Fielders needed only one out to wrap up the match, but failed to get it despite changing pitchers, so they called back Angailen for the finish.

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