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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Man gets 30 yrs. for sex abuse

Alfredo Evangelista Reyes was slapped yesterday with a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for sexually abusing a then-16-year-old girl in 2009.

Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho required the 51-year-old Reyes to register as a sex offender. The sentence will be served day for day, without the possibility of parole or early release.

Camacho said he imposed the full maximum sentence so that Reyes and others who sexually abuse children will be justly punished and deterred. He said his court will hear children who seek protection from sexual abuse.

“Know that those who deserve justice will receive it,” the judge said.

Reyes read a prepared statement before the sentence was handed down. Wiping tears from his eyes, he denied committing any of the acts he was convicted of. He asked for a new attorney, saying his attorneys at the Office of the Public Defender were inefficient. Assistant public defender Michael Sato served as his counsel, while assistant public defender Matthew Meyer assisted Sato during the trial.

Assistant attorney general Barbara Cepeda prosecuted the case.

A jury in December unanimously found Reyes guilty of three counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the first degree.

Camacho, who presided over the misdemeanor charges, found Reyes guilty of three counts of assault and battery.

He sentenced Reyes to a maximum term of 30 years each for three counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the first degree, and the maximum of one year each for three counts of assault and battery. All sentences shall run concurrently. This means that Reyes shall serve a total of 30 years for all charges. He was given credit for time served.

According to the prosecution, Reyes sexually abused the girl at Laulau Beach in May 2009, at Coral Ocean Point beach in September 2009, and in the jungle area near Hawaiian Rock Co. in December 2009.

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