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Saturday, April 19, 2014

‘Beautify my Marianas’ now open to all groups

The Marianas Visitors Authority and the Saipan Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that all groups are now welcome to apply for “Beautify My Marianas,” an island beautification project providing cash for cleanup projects.

“Beautify My Marianas” aims to keep the Northern Marianas clean and pristine and is patterned after the Chamber’s longstanding cash for trash program. The program offers a minimum of $100 to groups to pick up trash in designated areas on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

“We’re excited to now expand eligibility for the program beyond schools and non-profits to any group interested in helping to keep our islands beautiful,” said MVA Community Projects manager Martin Duenas. “We know there are many people out there ‘making tourism their business’ by picking up trash, and now they can help cover any costs they may have in volunteering their time and own resources.”

Depending on the level of difficulty and the type of project (e.g., trash cleaning with some tree trimming or brush cutting), the $100 fee may be increased. Applying groups must meet all eligibility guidelines.

Interested groups may apply to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce or the MVA, and upon approval of their application, they will be assigned an area that requires immediate trash clean up. It will be up to the group submitting their application to decide how many people will clean the area and when the cleanup will be accomplished. Applications are available at www.mymarianas.com and www.saipanchamber.com.

Approved groups must provide before, during and after photos of the site, as evidence of the cleanup prior to disbursement of funds. (MVA)

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