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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Female bicyclist hurt after being hit by pickup truck

A 62-year-old woman sustained a head injury after a pickup truck hit her as she was bicycling along Chalan Monsignor Guerrero Road in Chalan Kiya Friday morning.

In another incident, a 44-year-old woman was injured when she fell into a transport boat while boarding to return to Saipan from Managaha Island Thursday afternoon.

In the crash case, Victoria C. Schneider sustained a laceration on the back of her head. She is being confined at the Commonwealth Health Center in the next few days for observation.

According to Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Hurst, CHC failed to complete a CT scan on the victim as its machine was out of order.

Hurst said the woman was hit by a Nissan Titan pickup truck being driven by a male individual with no other passengers.

Hurst said the driver was not issued traffic citation as police have placed the case under further investigation.

DPS received a call about a crash involving a vehicle and a bicycle on Friday at 11:43am.

When responding police officers arrived at the scene, they saw Schneider lying on her back on the side of the road next to her bicycle.

DPS firefighters and medics arrived to treat Schneider, who was then transported to CHC for treatment.

Police officers determined that the pickup truck, traveling eastbound on Chalan Monsignor Guerrero Road, hit the bicyclist, who was traveling in the same direction on the outermost lane.

Hurst said it appeared that the truck did not use due care and caution when passing the bicycle because it was the truck’s side rearview mirror that hit Schneider.

Hurst said that DPS Traffic Unit will be investigating the case.

In the Managaha accident, Yan Li, 44, was treated at CHC for bruises and scratches on the right knee.

DPS Boating Safety Section officers were dispatched to CHC on Thursday at 5:46pm after receiving a call about a person who got injured while boarding a boat.

The Boating Safety police officer’s preliminary investigation showed that Li was boarding a transport vessel from Mañagaha when she slipped and fell into the boat while being assisted by the boat crew.

Li hit her right knee hard on the back seat.

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