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Friday, April 25, 2014

Youth group invited to FSM for mission trip in June

Members of the Grace Christian Academy's youth ministry act out a play titled Masks during their talent show fundraiser last Friday night at the GCA campus. (Thomas A. Manglona II) Grace Christian Academy Youth Pastor Sarah Klockowski says that one of the visions she’s had since coming to Saipan in 2009 was to “start a youth mission’s organization.” Her vision is slowly becoming a reality after a series of fundraising events that will fund a mission’s trip to the Federated States of Micronesia in June.

Klockowski said the purpose of the trip is to encourage the youth of Saipan to “share Jesus’ love with their neighbors and build relationships between the youth of the islands.”

The group, Youth on the Rock, needs $10,000 to go on the trip. The money raised will cover all expenses for the team, including hotels, cars, gas, and food. The 14 students and three chaperones expected to go on the trip will each pay for their own airfare.

The group held a Talent Show fundraiser last Saturday at the GCA campus and raised $600, adding to the estimated $2,000 they have already raised.

Klockowski told Saipan Tribune that GCA pastor Rev. Raymond Kinsella attended a leadership summit in FSM last summer and shared testimonies about the group’s youth trip to Palau last year. The pastors then invited the group to serve on their islands this year for two and a half weeks.

GCA students ranging from 8th to 12th grade will be conducting youth and children’s outreach as well as leading community concerts and activities in FSM.

GCA senior and Youth on the Rock member Emman Parion believes this trip is important because “religion is very important” in his culture. “I want to go on the trip to spread the word of Jesus and to learn their [FSM] culture.”

Youth on the Rock is the youth ministry of GCA, which was established in 1980. The group currently has 70 students attending their Friday services. To learn more about this youth group or to make a monetary contribution call 287-YOTR.

“Ultimately we want teenagers to see that they don’t have to wait until they are older to start making a difference for Christ. The faith of a teenager is powerful, and God can use them in incredible way,” Klockowski said.

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