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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Winner of brush cutter can’t wait to use it

Saipan Super Save owner Kayla Wood and a CarQuest staff pose with the Echo SRM 2250 brush cutter won by Juan Aguon in the auto parts store’s recent raffle. (Mark Rabago) The winner of the CarQuest raffle can’t wait to use the brush cutter he won as part of the automotive parts and outdoor equipment store’s promotion during the November/December issue of Saipan Super Saver.
“It’s my first time ever to win something this big. I won before but only minor prizes like a $20 gift certificate. I thank the Lord for giving me this brush cutter. He must have known I really need it. I haven’t had a chance to use it because it’s been raining but one of these days I will,” said raffle winner Juan Aguon in an interview with Saipan Tribune.

He said he would be sharing the Echo SRM 2250 brush cutter with his family since he also used to borrow his relative’s brush cutter before winning the $896.59 equipment at the Chalan Kanoa store raffle.

Aguon said he bought a transmission part for his Toyota pickup truck, which made him qualify for the CarQuest raffle.

He also thanked CarQuest owner Jim Ripple and Saipan Super Save owners Aaron and Kayla Wood for organizing the raffle for the brush cutter.

Ripple said the raffle was just one way for CarQuest to thank the community for supporting his establishment. To further thank Saipan customers, he would be offering a 25-percent discount on all Echo equipment.

Kayla Wood congratulated Aguon as well for winning the brush cutter and thanked Ripple and CarQuest for agreeing to hold the raffle.

First published late last year, Saipan Super Saver is a couponing booklet that offers more than $1,000 in savings from companies that range from restaurants and service outlets, to pharmacies and cupcake shops.

Among the companies that offer discounts and other promotions through coupons found on Saipan Super Saver are J’s Restaurant, Wild Bill’s, 360 Restaurant, Buttercups, Java Joe’s, 3 Strands, Brabu Pharmacy, American Medical Center, Saipan Zoo, Marianas Country Club, The Athlete’s Foot, and Girl Talk.

Saipan Super Saver is sold for $2 a booklet at the following outlets: CarQuest, The Coffee Room N-106, Java Joe’s, Naked Fish, Lollipops, and Mobil gas stations, among others.

For more information on Saipan Super Saver, call Kayla Wood at 235-2116, email info@woodventures.com, or find Saipan Super Saver on Facebook.

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