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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guam Democrats react to Obama speech

The Democratic Party of Guam issued the following statement yesterday in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

Democratic Party chair Sen. Rory J. Respicio stated: “I am pleased that President Obama’s State of the Union speech focused on the struggles of everyday Americans and we commend the President for highlighting one of the great issues of our times—rising income inequality in our country. Despite economic growth, this growing inequality is a continuing burden for all working families, and disproportionately falls on women in the workforce.

“As we focus on the Hay Study plan before us for government of Guam workers, we must also be mindful of our private sector workforce and the need for parity in wages. We have to bridge that gap and address this growing disparity.

“I also was glad that President Obama touched on voter reform. This has been an issue I have fought for as legislative oversight over election reform. I agree with President Obama that the outcome of democratically-held elections should be determined by the power of the vote, and not by who has the most money.”

Democratic Party vice chair Nerissa Underwood also stated: “The President’s new push to make high-quality pre-K available to every 4-year-old is important. If we can make this happen this will not only improve opportunities for our children but will help our economy as well.”

Respicio added: “Overall the President’s speech made me proud of our country and proud to be a Democrat. The President’s message focused on empowering citizens to participate in strengthening our economy, as well as providing support for entrepreneurs and opportunity for all Americans.

“Like President Obama, we see the same parallels here on our island and in the principles of our Democratic Party of Guam. Like President Obama, we believe in the need for bipartisanship in all that we do to provide opportunities for all Guamanians, and not just a select few.”

Underwood added: “Also like the President and our fellow Democrats, we believe in the inherent dignity and equality of all human beings.” (PR)

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