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Monday, April 21, 2014

Daynos, Granado reassigned to new Saipan parishes

The Diocese of Chalan Kanoa announced last Sunday the reassignment of two pastors to San Vicente Church on Saipan and Mount Carmel Cathedral.

Fr. Florentino “Tinong” Daynos II, who arrived on Saipan last October, will be the parochial vicar of Mount Carmel Cathedral and the hospital chaplain.

Daynos comes to his new calling from the Diocese of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. Immediately after arriving on Saipan he has helped with conducting Masses at the San Vicente parish and other parishes. He was also appointed as the spiritual director of the Legion of Mary.

As the parochial vicar of Mount Carmel Cathedral, Daynos will be involved in the liturgical and overall pastoral life, according to Fr. Ryan Jimenez, the Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa. Daynos will also begin preparing young adults and adults to receive the sacraments of initiation beginning this year’s Lenten season.

Daynos will also be visiting inmates and presiding over Masses at the Saipan prison.

Fr. Jason A. Granado, from the Archdiocese of Agana, Guam, will be the parochial administrator of San Vicente Parish on Saipan. Archbishop Anthony Apuron, according to Jimenez, has allowed Granado to serve on Saipan.

“I am excited,” Granado said. “I hope to get to know the people of Saipan and do the will of God. I think that is something all pastors believe in—announcing Jesus Christ.”

Granado shared that his main goal as a new pastor on Saipan is to “spread the love of Jesus to all.”

Both priests will officially take their place on Feb. 8. In related news, Fr. Kenneth Hezel, S.J., Lay Ministry coordinator, will continue to oversee Kristo Rai parish in Garapan.

“I thank Fr. Daynos, Fr. Granado, and Fr. Hezel for their willingness to take on this responsibility. I encourage parishioners of their respective parishes to work closely with them,” Jimenez said. “After all, the Church is the people of God, the parish belongs to the people, and the priests assigned every certain period of time are there to lead and guide the people.”

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