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Monday, April 21, 2014

Man arrested for allegedly stalking his estranged wife

A man who was arrested in August for allegedly stalking his estranged wife was arrested again in San Vicente on the same charges on Tuesday.

Augustine B. Pangelinan, 38, was brought yesterday before Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho on charges of contempt of court, disturbing the peace, and violation of court’s protection order.

Camacho imposed a $15,000 cash bail for Pangelinan’s temporary release.

Police detective Jesse K. Seman stated in his report that a police officer responded on Jan. 6 to a disturbance complaint at the residence of the parents of the defendant’s former wife.

Seman said it was the father of Pangelinan’s former wife who sought police’s help after the defendant came to the house that day thrice, asking for the whereabouts of his daughter.

In the last visit, Pangelinan got angry, yelled, and shattered the glass window of his car’s passenger side by punching it. He then left.

The father said he received 23 phone calls on Jan. 23 and that he recognized Pangelinan’s voice in one of the calls.

The former wife also disclosed to police that last Friday, Pangelinan called her office more than 20 times. Her manager and their staff, mostly women, are now scared that the defendant would just appear in their office and harm them.

The former wife said the Superior Court already barred the defendant from harassing her, but he continues to violate it.

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