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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Man arrested for contempt

An ex-convict was arrested again on Jan. 28, 2014, at his house in Chalan Kanoa and was charged with contempt for allegedly violating his bail conditions.

Nelsin Anson Saimon, 26, is being kept on a $1,000 cash bail.

Saimon is supposed to be under house arrest and that he should always be with his third-party custodian as part of his prior bail conditions.

However, according to the report filed by police detective Isapen Bokuku, she saw Saimon riding a bicycle from Beach Road, Chalan Piao to Chalan Kanoa on Jan. 28 at 11:07am.

Saimon reportedly went north passing Hopwood Junior High School and Bank of Guam, and went into an intersection by Viva Poker. Saimon headed straight to William Elementary School in Chalan Kanoa heading east. Bokuku said that she then honked and Saimon turned around and stopped. After Bokuku asked Saimon to come over, he turned his bike around and sped off.

Bokuku reported the matter to the Department of Corrections, saying that Saimon may have committed a crime of contempt.

Around 11:23am of the same day, Bokuku and police officer Travis Hurst arrived at the Saimon residence in Chalan Kanoa and found the suspect in front of the house. Hurst then arrested Saimon. (Jayson Camacho)

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