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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Businesswoman suing Quichocho, wife takes witness stand

The Korean businesswoman who filed a racketeering lawsuit against lawyer Ramon K. Quichocho and his wife took the witness stand yesterday in the ongoing jury trial at the federal court.

Jung Ja Kim testified that Quichocho used to serve as her counsel, while Quichocho’s wife, Frances, performed under the Quichocho law office and the couple’s company, Karissa LLC, which did document handling, business license renewal processing, and other services.

Kim said the Quichochos refused to pay her $21,077.42 for rental of their law office space and an apartment unit on the second floor of her building in San Jose.

She testified that when the Quichochos left the building between January and February 2010, the couple took the appliances, furniture, and other items—all worth about $23,500—that she provided them.

Kim said the couple did not return the keys to the apartment and law office space to her.

Kim recounted that she had two units on the second floor of the building renovated in 2007 for Quichocho’s law office and converted another unit into an apartment for the couple.

At that time, she said, Quichocho represented her and her company.

Kim said the lease for the law office space should have been $800 monthly but she gave it to them for only $400.

She said Quichocho’s law office prepared their lease agreement, but it was her former husband who signed the document on behalf of her company.

In summary, she said the Quichochos failed to pay rent totaling $10,993.55 for the law office space and $10,083.87 for the apartment unit.

Kim also testified how terrified she was when her former husband, S.B. Choi, came back from Korea and harassed her for money and property.

Because of the harassment and other business problems, Kim said she became severely depressed in 2008 and even failed to attend a court hearing once because she could not sleep and could not get up.

Kim will continue her testimony this morning, Wednesday.

She is represented by attorney Robert T. Torres.

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