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Thursday, April 24, 2014


EVMF happy with growth of garage sale store

Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation founder Rose Smith is happy with how the humanitarian organization’s garage sale store has grown over the years.

“Empty Vessel wishes to thank individuals, businesses, and organizations for their overwhelming support of our garage sale store in Gualo Rai. We are so touched by your generosity and we are happy to help out families looking for affordable items. Our garage sale store started with only two tables of donations but today it is a room full of donations. Thank you all for your generosity.”

Smith said EVMF is turning donated items into good use. She said not only are they being bought by those who still have need for them but the money EVMF raises is used for its many community projects, not only in the CNMI but other countries as well.

“Low-income families can receive free or affordable items. We request that all donations are in good condition so that they are useful to someone else. Many families have benefited from your donations; therefore if anyone has clothes, shoes, utensils, and any items you want to donate, we will be happy to receive them. If you are leaving the island, consider donating your items instead of throwing them away. Someone’s throwaway is someone’s treasure.”

Smith said that EVMF was able to send a couple of boxes of clothes and money to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last year.

The EVMF founder also took the opportunity to thank AA Enterprises for allowing the humanitarian group to use the room at their building rent-free. She also thanked the following for their donations to the garage sale store: Bali Fashion, Whispering Palms School, Youth With a Mission, Faith Works Church, Church 360, Palauan Church, and other individuals.

“We appreciate everyone for supporting our other activities like the recent Saipan Next Top Chef. It was a success because, through the help of our supporters, we were able to help the Aging Center.”

EVMF donated new lavatories, included four toilets and a urinal, to the Aging Center in December.

Other ways to help EVMF is by sponsoring a child in Kenya, the Philippines, or Bangladesh for only $30 a month.

“This will provide education and basic needs for a street child or orphan. We also support education here on Saipan and we appreciate school supplies for them. Currently we are collecting school supplies for a school on Rota so please feel free to bring your school supplies donations to our garage sale store or at our booth at the Street Market.”

EVMF also believes in empowering women because women are the ones that make sure that the family is always taken cared of.

“Because of the generous donation from our supporters, 71 women in Kenya have received small loans for them to start small businesses. On Saipan we educate and empower women through monthly meetings. Guest speakers from the community come to educate women on different issues. Drs. Jeanolivia Grant and Esther Kanajorn have been of great help offering free screening and advice to women on health issues.”

For more information on EVMF and its many projects or to donate, call 483-0162 or 235-2340. The group’s garage sale store in Gualo Rai is located at the ABA Building across Bali Fashion and next to Monica’s Furniture.

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