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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kim testifies that Quichocho raped her twice

Businesswoman Jung Ja Kim testified Friday in federal court that her then counsel, Ramon K.
Quichocho, raped her twice in 2008 while she was on medication due to depression and anxiety.

In the fourth day of her testimony in the ongoing jury trial of her lawsuit, Kim also admitted that she had consensual sex with Quichocho in the latter’s car. She also revealed that she, Quichocho, and his wife, Frances, twice had a threesome while she was drunk and under medication for depression and anxiety.

Kim is suing the Quichocho couple, the Quichocho law firm, their company Karissa LLC, for alleged racketeering, legal malpractice, and other claims.

In her testimony, Kim recalled that the first rape incident happened on Nov. 1, 2008, when she asked Quichocho for help because she could not stop crying due to her depression and anxiety.

Quichocho brought her to a Guam hospital where a psychiatrist attended her and prescribed her medication.

After dinner at a restaurant with Quichocho and the latter’s relative, Quichocho took her to the Hyatt Hotel in Guam. Quichocho told Kim that there was only one room available and asked her if she’s okay with it.

Kim said that since she trusted him then, she agreed, but told him not to “touch her.” Quichocho told her not to worry.

Kim said the medicine she was on made her sleep. But she woke up later when she felt somebody removing her pants and underwear. It was dark in the room. Kim said she begged Quichocho to stop, but the lawyer held her wrist tightly and told her “I love you.”

“I did not have the strength, but told Quichocho please, please don’t do this!” she said through an interpreter.

Kim said Quichocho was strong and she was weak because of her medication. As a result, she had bruises in her wrists.

After Quichocho was done raping her, Kim said she cried. Quichocho then hugged her tightly and told her don’t cry because he will not hurt her as he loves her.

“I was crying under the blanket. I was hiding under the blanket,” said Kim, who was in tears by then.

Later that morning, Quichocho told her to stop crying as they will have breakfast. Kim stated that the lawyer said sorry to her over 100 times.

“My mind was empty. I was in a state of giving up of myself. Everything was empty. The trust, the faith collapsed,” she said.

After their breakfast, Quichocho asked her to stay longer in Guam, but she refused because Saipan is where she feels most comfortable.

When asked by her lawyer, Robert T. Torres, why she did not tell anyone about the rape, Kim said she was embarrassed and felt it was her fault because she permitted Quichocho to share one hotel room with her.

Kim said she grew up in Korea and that in their country talking about sexual things is very shameful.

On their way back to Saipan that day, Nov. 2, Quichocho told her that if she would report the matter to the police, he would just post a $150,000 bail and at trial he would tell the judge that he loves her. When Quichocho said sorry to her repeatedly, Kim told him not to tell anybody about it.

Kim said she did not tell anybody about it, even the police, because she did not have the courage to reveal such a shameful thing.

“The reason I’m here [now] is to say the truth. So there will be no more victims,” the businesswoman told the nine jurors.

Since returning to Saipan, Kim said Quichocho would send her text messages and chats about how much he loves her. Kim admitted that, as Quichocho sent her many text messages and chats in the next weeks and months, she came to the point of trusting him again.

Kim said she was confused if Quichocho really likes her.

Prior to the Nov. 1 rape, Kim said she had no romantic interest in Quichocho.
Torres submitted in court as evidence Kim and Quichocho’s numerous exchange of text messages and chats.
Kim said the next rape happened in Quichocho’s law office on Dec. 10, 2008, when Frances was in Japan.
Kim said Quichocho asked her to take care of their daughter because Frances was in Japan.
As the daughter was sleeping on the bed in one of the rooms of the law office, Kim said she decided rest on the floor because of her medication.

Kim said Quichocho went inside the room and started kissing her. She told him to stop, but the lawyer covered her mouth and raped her.

Kim said she was more afraid that the child would wake up and see them.

She said she had consensual sex with Quichocho in the latter’s car on Dec. 30, 2008, when she went back to Saipan after seeing a doctor in Guam.

She said Quichocho picked her up at the airport and in the parking lot of her house, the lawyer asked her to have sex. Kim said she told him not to force her and they ended up having sex in the back of the car.

Kim said their three-some happened when she was very drunk and under medication on Jan. 3, 2009, at Quichocho’s apartment unit and this was repeated on Jan. 9, 2009, at Sunrise Hotel on Rota.

Kim said their first threesome happened after a birthday party at the Quichochos apartment and when all the guests left the place. Kim said it was Frances’ idea to have threesome.

Asked by her counsel why she agreed to it, Kim replied, “Out of curiosity.”

When she woke up that early morning and wanted to go home, Quichocho asked her to stay because he wanted more sex with her.

After that incident, Kim said she told Quichocho, who according to her would always talk about sex during their chats and texts, that he is “an animal.”

Kim said she does not like Quichocho, but the latter fantasized that she likes him.
As for their second threesome on Rota on Jan. 9, 2009, she could not remember many details because she was too drunk and under medication.

Kim will continue her testimony on Feb. 19. The trial will continue on Feb. 18 with Kim’s expert witness taking the stand.

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