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Thursday, April 17, 2014


PDM Promoters collects only 240 lbs of trash

Saipan Awaodori Team members and staff from Kinpachi Restaurant pose with the trash they collected Friday at the Paseo de Marianas. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) • In what could easily be the lowest output since starting its monthly cleanup drive at the Paseo de Marianas five years ago, PDM Promoters, Inc. collected only 240 lbs of trash last Friday at the Garapan tourist district.

The non-profit group’s spokesperson, Sonia Siwa, said the all-time low trash collected can be attributed to the Division of Parks and Recreation already having conducted a cleanup days before.
The Friday cleanup also came a day earlier than PDM Promoters’ regular Saturday schedule. Siwa said it was by design because the Saipan Awaodori Team, whose members regularly volunteer for the cleanup, had a performance Saturday night at the Paseo de Marianas.
“The Saipan Awaodori kids have weekend performance at Paseo [de Marianas] so before the performance we did our cleanup first. We also tried the afternoon cleanup on a Friday and it goes to show our kids’ dedication in the volunteer cleanup. It’s certainly one great way of serving our community and they were not ashamed to do it.”

Siwa said majority of the 240 lbs of trash the 14 volunteers from the Saipan Awaodori Team and seven staff from Kinpachi Restaurant collected were mostly empty beer cans and empty beer bottles as well as cigarette butts.

She also happily reported that the issue of betel nut residue being an eyesore at the Paseo de Marianas has been solved, as they no longer see betel nut stains around the tourist district when they do their cleanups.

Siwa also thanked the Division of Environmental Quality for helping PDM Promoters in disposing of the trash they collected without fee at the transfer station.

PDM Promoters is community group known for its cultural dance group, the Saipan Awaodori Team, and for keeping the Paseo de Marianas spick and span throughout the year.

The group’s monthly cleanups collect up to 1,000 lbs of trash during these drives. PDM Promoters’ monthly cleanup of the Garapan landmark is supported by its major sponsors, TSL Foundation, DFS Galleria Saipan, and Docomo Pacific.

Siwa also invited the community to watch the Saipan Awaodori Team’s performances at the Paseo de Marianas Saturday night starting at 7pm. (Mark Rabago)

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