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Thursday, April 24, 2014

MHS GIVE Club braves rain to ‘Beautify My Marianas’

The Marianas High School GIVE Club conducted a “Beautify My Marianas” cleanup on Jan. 25, 2014, from Civic Center beach to Saipan World Resort. (Contributed Photo) The Marianas High School GIVE Club recently braved heavy rains to “Beautify My Marianas” and pick up trash in Susupe. On Jan. 25, a total of 10 club members picked up five bags of trash from Civic Center beach south to Saipan World Resort.

“At the beginning the heavy rain was a problem for us…we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to pick up that much trash,” said the group in their post-action report on the cleanup. However, the group was able to reach their collection goal.

Participants were Roselie Agulto, Mobtasim Alam, Noemi Caacbay, Esther Choi, Jaydene Ermitanio, Jenny Habijan, Lee Ann Jastilana, Charlene Mae Lubong, Andela Romolor, Maricar Valdez, and chaperone Dr. Chas Algaier.

Bayani Association also held a recent “Beautify My Marianas” cleanup from Civic Center beach to Sugar Dock, gathering 24 bags of trash.

“Trash bins and segregators…were empty, or if not, [were] not overflowing with trash as in our first cleanup,” said the group in their report. “Probably government trash collectors were more diligent in collecting the trash inside the trash bins during those days.”

“Beautify My Marianas” aims to keep the Northern Marianas clean and pristine and offers a minimum of $100 to groups to pick up trash in designated areas on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Depending on the level of difficulty and the type of project (e.g., trash cleaning with some tree trimming or brush cutting), the $100 fee may be increased. Applying groups must meet all eligibility guidelines.

Interested groups may apply to the Marianas Visitors Authority or Saipan Chamber of Commerce, and upon approval of their application, they will be assigned an area that requires immediate trash cleanup. It will be up to the group submitting their application to decide how many people will clean the area and when the cleanup will be accomplished. Applications are available at www.mymarianas.com and www.saipanchamber.com. (MVA)

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