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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Article 12 discussion series to re-air

The Northern Marianas Humanities Council will be re-airing its three-part series titled “Article 12: Landownership in the Northern Mariana Islands” this week on KSPN Channel 2.

Moderated by attorney Robert T. Torres, the three-part series is intended to provide an informed and objective presentation of facts and a variety of viewpoints relating to land alienation in the CNMI.

Part 1, “The Foundation,” will air today, Feb. 17, and features Vicente N. Santos and Pedro A. Tenorio. “The Foundation” looks at the history of the provision that limits landownership in the CNMI to persons of Northern Marianas descent.

Part 2, “Today’s Perspective,” will air on Tuesday, Feb. 18, and will feature Lorenzo DLG Cabrera, Rep. George N. Camacho, and Saipan Chamber of Commerce president Alex A. Sablan. “Today’s Perspective” will look at the impacts of Article 12 today.

Part 3, “The Future,” will air on Wednesday, Feb. 19, and will feature Vincent J. Seman, Carolyn P. Hosono, and House Vice Speaker Francisco S. Dela Cruz. Part three of the series looks at the future of Article 12 and will air on KSPN Channel 2 at 6:30pm on Jan. 20, 21, and 22, 2014.

All three programs will start at 6:30pm immediately following KSPN 2 News.

Although there is no way to cover all of the complexities of Article 12 in a three-hour program, the council said this series provides basic information that will hopefully encourage viewers to discuss and consider this important topic with their families, friends, and colleagues. It is intended for anyone wishing to learn more about the history, effects, and possible future of Article 12.

The series was made possible by a “We the People” grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
For more information, contact Humanities Council staff at 235-4785.

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