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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yolanda Cruz’s journey to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce

A thriving success and mother of a beautiful baby girl, Yolanda Cruz’s dedication and hard work has earned her the opportunity to work with the Saipan Chamber of Commerce through the Workforce Investment Agency’s Work Experience Program.

"I had mixed emotions," Cruz recalls. "Although I was nervous, I knew that this would be the opportunity to prove that I am the right candidate for the job."

Knowledge attained through Pinnacle Staffing’s Workforce Readiness training paid off as she was selected for the position to train as an administrative assistant with the Chamber that same day after her interview with former mentor, Janice A. Tenorio. The guidance received during WEP provided a gateway to a successful transition with the business organization.

"My first day of work was on Oct. 12, 2012, and it was under the guidance of my mentor, Ms. Emi H. Agulto, and my former supervisor, Mrs. Janice A. Tenorio, that I have been able to learn and develop skills that will help me in all my future aspirations,” added Cruz.

Cruz also has attributed her outcome to WIA, Saipan Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors, former executive director Richard Pierce and current executive director Patrick Leon Guerrero, as well as her current supervisor, Agulto.

Cruz’s words of encouragement to others seeking for job training opportunities: "Every career must begin somewhere and I encourage all individuals seeking employment training to consider starting with the Workforce Investment Agency. I am a WIA trainee success and I hope you can be one too," she said.

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