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Sunday, April 20, 2014

BREAKING NEWS (1st update)
Buckingham guilty of all charges except 1

Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo issued a verdict today, Wednesday, finding former attorney general Edward T. Buckingham guilty of all charges except one.
Govendo found Buckingham guilty of use of public supplies, time and personnel for campaign activities; use of the name of a government department or agency to campaign and/or express support for a candidate running for public office; misconduct in public office (related to campaign matter); conspiracy to commit theft of services (related to escort issue); misconduct in public office (pertaining to escort issue); conspiracy to commit theft service (related to use government counsels to represent him); and misconduct in public office (use of government counsels).
Govendo acquitted Buckingham as to one count of failure to produce documents or information (pertaining to Office of the Public Auditor’s request).

Sentencing will be at 1:30pm today, Wednesday.

The bench trial began last Feb. 10.

OPA originally filed 12 criminal charges against Buckingham in connection with an alleged violation of election laws and illegal award of a sole-source contract, among others.
Govendo earlier dismissed four charges, including those pertaining to the contract issue.
More details to follow.

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