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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

COTA expands office hours to Saturdays

The Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority announced yesterday that their dispatch and scheduling hours have been expanded and now includes Saturdays.

The new hours expands on COTA’s standard way of doing things by doing things better, faster, and smarter. This greatly enhances customer experience and saves time and money through a few key features:

Reserve a ride from Mondays through Fridays | Reserve a ride from Mondays through Saturdays
Call-in hours: 8am to 4pm Mondays - Fridays | Call-in hours: 8am to 8pm (Mondays - Fridays)9am to 4pm (Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays and holidays | Closed on Sundays and holidays

COTA’s new service hours are now available to its riders. The elderly and persons with disability ride with a discounted fare. Visit www.COTA.gov.mp to download an eligibility application form. The general public may use the same service for a low price of $5 per ride. We will pick you up and take you just about any where on Saipan. Current and new riders can call 670-664-2682 to make a reservation or to get more information about the Saipan Call-a-Ride program.

Benefits of public transportation

In our community, public transportation is making a real difference in the daily lives of individuals and households. For some, it provides a choice; for others it is a necessity. It connects people with health care, education, work, shopping, recreational activities, or with friends and family. Public transportation use lowers household expenses and frees up more income for other needs. Public transportation helps lead the CNMI toward its goals of protecting the environment, conserving energy, and providing for the health, safety, and security of its residents. (COTA)

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