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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Art contest aims to discourage trash dumping in storm drains

Earth Day and Environmental Awareness Month is this March and the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality is hosting a new art competition for amateur and professional artists.

The competition hopes to send a message—through art—to residents and tourists alike the importance of not dumping trash into storm drains, because storm water doesn’t flow to sewer treatment plants. The trash eventually end up in the ocean where people swim and fish.

The artwork that will be submitted in the competition will be displayed as an eye-catching street art around the drainages in Garapan. These drains lead directly to coastal waters on Saipan.

Artworks must be one entry per contestant and only original artwork is allowed. Once winning entries have been selected, the artist is required to paint their winning image at an assigned storm drain.

Judging will be on how effectively the art draws public attention, creativity, and uniqueness.

Monetary prizes will be awarded. Prizes are set at $100 for first place, $80 for second, and $60 for third. Five other artworks will be considered honorable mention and will be rewarded $50 each.

Applications must be submitted along with artwork. Applications can be found at the BECQ Office on Chalan Pale Arnold in Gualo Rai across from Subway.

Upon submitting the artwork, information is also required. For students, they must include name, school, grade, contact phone number, and email address. For the general public, they must include name, profession, contact phone number, and email.

Submissions will be accepted from March 1 to March 18 and no later than 4pm on the final day.

For questions, contact Olivia Tenorio at 664-8500 or visit BECQ office.

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