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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quichocho allegedly threatened to call cops

MD. Delowar, a former supervisor of Latte Stone Poker on Rota, testified Friday that he and businesswoman Jung Ja Kim got scared when their attorney, Ramon K. Quichocho, terminated him in February 2009 and threatened to call the Rota police if Kim or any of her employees show up at the poker arcade.

“Miss Kim was also scared. Miss Kim’s body was shaking,” said Delowar, who testified for Kim in the ongoing jury trial of Quichocho, his law firm, his wife Frances, and their Karissa LLC company in federal court. Kim is suing the defendants for racketeering and other claims.

Delowar said he is an employee of Kim’s So-In Corp., but Kim made him a supervisor at her then newly formed business, Latte Stone Poker, on Rota beginning on Nov. 15, 2008.

Delowar said Kim, who is based on Saipan, would call him whenever she instructed Frances to go to Rota and get the collection money from the poker business for deposit into a bank.

He said that when he became supervisor, Quichocho didn’t get any money from Latte Stone. He said Kim did not authorize Quichocho to get the collection money.

Delowar said the last collection report he sent to Kim, through the Quichocho law office, was on Feb. 23, 2009.

Prior to Feb. 24, 2009, he said there was no problem with Latte Stone’s operation, its personnel, and with Frances.

Delowar recounted that on Feb. 24, 2009, he went to Latte Stone and saw inside the cashier’s room Quichocho talking with Rahman Habibur, one of the five employees.

Delowar said he was surprised to see Quichocho because Kim never told him that he was coming to Rota. Usually, he said, whenever Kim, Frances, or the Quichocho couple would go to Rota, he would get a call from Kim so he could pick them up at the airport.

Delowar said that when he entered the gameroom, Quichocho stopped him from going inside, telling him he would need to talk to him.

He said he followed Quichocho to the parking lot and they talked inside the car.

At the time, Delowar said he was not scared of Quichocho because he was their company lawyer.

He said Quichocho informed him that Frances and Kim have a problem so he was there to fix it. Delowar said he only listened to Quichocho and did not ask what the problem was.

He said Quichocho told him that since he is Kim’s employee, he should stop working and that he would pay him his salary during the period when he is jobless.

After their conversation that lasted more than an hour in the car, Delowar said that Quichocho went to talk with Rahman. He said he heard Quichocho telling Rahman to call the police and him if Kim or any of her employees go to the Latte Stone Poker. Delowar said he became afraid so he left the arcade.

At 7am the following day, Delowar called Kim and told her what happened. He said Kim asked what was Quichocho doing on Rota. She told him to remain on standby as she would talk to Quichocho.

After one or two days, Kim called Delowar, but mentioned that there was no decision yet with Quichocho.

He said he informed Kim that he was not feeling safe on Rota and that he does not want to have a problem with the police.

After one or two days, Kim arrived on Rota accompanied by a Chinese man. Delowar said he brought Kim to a hotel then to Latte Stone, but they all stayed in the car in the parking lot because he and Kim were scared to get out because of Quichocho’s threat of calling the police.

Delowar said Kim stated that it was her mistake because she trusted Quichocho and put Frances’ name as the owner of Latte Stone.

He said Kim stated it would be better if she goes back to Saipan. Kim, who was upset, dropped him off at his house. In March 2009, Delowar went back to Saipan.

Delowar said that Frances or Rahman did not call him for his salary as Quichocho had promised. When Delowar told Kim about his salary, she gave him $500.

When asked by attorney Robert T. Torres, counsel for Kim, why he was testifying in court, Delowar replied that whether for Kim, Quichocho, Frances, or for whoever, he just wants “ to see justice in this place.”

Attorney Michael Dotts, counsel for the Quichochos, is expected to cross-examine Delowar when the trial resumes today, Monday, at 9am.

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