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Monday, April 21, 2014

1 of 7 arrested tagged as alleged leader of ‘ice’ suppliers on Saipan

Xing Bo Fang, one of the seven persons arrested for alleged distribution of methamphetamine or “ice,” is reportedly the No. 1 in command of an organization of drug suppliers on Saipan.

Drug Enforcement Administration special agent Jacqueline R. Gordon disclosed in documents filed in federal court that during their operation against the 46-year-old Fang, they were able to seize 135.6 gross grams of substance that tested positive for “ice.”

Gordon said that in July 2012, the DEA Saipan Post of Duty initiated an investigation into Fang based on information received from a confidential source that the suspect is a large-scale distributor of “ice.”

According to their confidential source, Fang is the leader of “ice” distributors operating on Saipan, Gordon said.

The confidential source also revealed that Fang is the source of supply for several Chinese nationals, including Yu Hua Wang, who is the alleged second in command to Fang.

Yu Hua Wang was also among the seven persons arrested in the operation last week conducted by combined agents from DEA, Department of Public Safety, and CNMI Customs and Border Protection.

Gordon said that Fang allegedly receives a kilogram of “ice” every month from his supplier in the People’s Republic of China. Fang then would allegedly supply Wang with 20 to 30 grams of “ice” per week.

Gordon said that on Dec. 27, 2013, a DEA confidential source met with Wang at his house on Sailing Drive in Dandan.

Prior to that meeting, the confidential source met with agents and Task Force Officers and was equipped with audio and video recording devices to record the meeting.

Gordon said that, according to the confidential source, Wang offered to supply the confidential source with large quantities of “ice” for distribution.

Wang was willing to “front” (provide “ice” on consignment) the confidential source 100 to 200 grams of “ice” if the confidential source would agree to make a down payment.

The confidential source informed Wang that he/she did not have any money for down payment. Wang, however, agreed to “front” the confidential source 100 grams of “ice” at a price of $170 per gram for a total price of $17,000.

Wang gave the confidential source 20 days to distribute the “ice” and return with full payment.

After the negotiations, Wang left while the confidential source remained at Wang’s residence, awaiting his return.

The confidential source later called Wang on the phone and that Wang allegedly stated that he would advise Fang to give the “ice” to the confidential source.

Fang, who was also at the house, left a bedroom holding a plastic bag and walked toward the restroom. The confidential source followed him to the restroom, where Fang allegedly handed him a plastic bag containing “ice.”

The confidential source left the house, met with investigators, and gave them the plastic bag of “ice.”

Aside from Fang and Yu Hua Wang, also arrested on Thursday were Daniel A. Castro, 32; Vicente S. Palacios, 38; Bao Zhong Wang, 46; Hong Wang, 40; and Le Xiang Chen, 63.

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