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Friday, April 18, 2014

Democratic Party success in Agat

GUAM—The Democratic Party of Guam held the first of its "Listening Tour" village meetings Sunday night. The meeting was held at the residence of Tony and Doris Quichocho, in the village of Agat. Democratic chair Sen. Rory Respicio and vice chair Dr. Nerissa Underwood congratulated the Agat organization, and the entire Democratic Party of Guam for a dynamic and successful meeting.

Respicio said: "It was great to see representatives from all political factions, including disaffected Republicans and people who consider themselves to be independent voters. The Democratic Party of Guam continues to display evidence that our party is united, and that we have also made plenty of room for disaffected Republicans and independent voters.”

Underwood said: "People were engaged and openly aired their concerns about the rising cost of living, the crime epidemic, the concern about this consolidation of power occurring throughout our island, and the importance of supporting public education."

"The issues brought up Sunday night varied from speaker to speaker, but each person expressed the need for us to provide a clear alternative to the current administration. They are telling us that our island needs real leaders, who will ensure that policies and programs benefit all Guamanians, and not just a select few," added Respicio.

Underwood concluded: "In the coming weeks, the Democratic party will continue these meetings throughout the island’s villages. We are committed to empowering people, and engaging them in a grassroots process that identifies a strong unified gubernatorial team to return our government back to our people, retains our Democratic majority in the Guam Legislature, and keeps Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo in Congress. We are listening to people tell us how our island has really changed over the last three years, and are well aware that there is this hunger for change in the leadership at Adelup."

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