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Sunday, April 20, 2014

‘Dogs will be taken if not registered’

Four dogs wait to be delivered to the dog pound in Lower Base. Two of the dogs have collars but were running astray. (Jayson Camacho) Any dogs that are not tagged will be taken by the Saipan Mayor’s Office Dog Control Program, regardless of who owns the animal, so owners must make sure that their pets are properly tagged.

According to program manager Spencer Marchadesch yesterday, whether dogs are tied or not tied, if they don’t have tags, the program informs the owners to get their dogs registered. If it still isn’t done, the dogs will be taken away, he said.

“We get a lot of complaints everyday from dog chases, to dogs being loose,” Marchadesch said.

Most of the calls they have been receiving are dogs chasing pedestrians. Next to that are stray dogs wandering into private properties, scattering garbage, leaving feces in neighborhoods, and roaming freely with no dog tags.

However, with only four workers under the program, they are limited in their ability to respond to all calls. That means they usually prioritize dogs that chase pedestrians. “We don’t want anyone to get bitten,” Marchadesch said.

So far the program has captured 98 dogs in January of this year and 68 dogs this month.

Any dogs taken are brought to the Dog Control Shelter in Lower Base. The dogs are kept for 120 hours, which is five days, and are provided food and water.

After five days, the dogs that remain unclaimed are taken to the veterinarian and are euthanized. It costs the Saipan Mayor’s Office $50 to euthanize each dog.

Marchadesch said that about 80 percent of the dogs they catch are euthanized while the rest are claimed by owners or adopted.

It costs $10 to obtain dog tags and register a pet for one year; any higher than a year have different rates. Applications can be found at the Superior Court, Tax and Revenue, and Treasury Office on Capital Hill.

Marchadesch noted that there will be a promotion for the Dog Control Program next month.

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