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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Principal photography wraps up on State

Writer-director Dan Shor and ShodaVision have completed principal photography on their original Saipan pilot television program called State of Liberty.

After two months of production all over Saipan, the final scenes were shot and wrapped at Hamilton’s Bar and Grill on Sunday night, Nov. 12. Shooting was still finishing up inside while the highly popular Sunday trivia game was being conducted on the outer lanai.

While answering trivia questions outside, trivia answers were being created inside ;(Q: What was the final line uttered on the final day of shooting of S of L? Answer: “You can only avoid and deny for so long before you implode. It is true for this island; it is true for this boy.”)

Upon entering the bar, trivia contestants were faced with the abnormal sounds of “Shhhhhh” and “We’re rolling here” leading them to question not only the trivial nature of trivia but the bizarre nature of reality. This caused a happy rise in friendly alcohol consumption.

Principal cast for State of Liberty includes Angel Santos, Rabby Syed, Li Ying Guo, Jie Hua Cao, Kyoko Reber, Ben Salas, Tanya Oscar, Sean Maycock, Joe Taijeron, Joseph and Nobuko Calimlin, Myla Capitan,Victoria Sergueeva, Jason Tarkong, Heather Calderwood , Bo and Dan Shor.

The final days shoot included climactic scenes at Sugar King Park and Hamilton’s Bar and Grill.

Upon the final call of “cut and print,” director Shor rubbed his winkled brow for a moment, turned to camera operator Xerxes Mangarero, and arched his eyes. Xerxes nodded in response. “Ladies and gentlemen,” said Shor, “That is a wrap! Congratulations!”

State of Liberty now heads into post-production with a projected Saipan air date in January 2007. The pilot television program will also be shopped to major U.S. television networks as well as the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan and Korea. (PR)

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