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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Letters to the Editor

Maybe readers will finally start to believe what I tell them about our government. One of the main reasons I kept making predictions—that came true I might add—was not from arrogance or just bragging but a genuine effort to gain credibility from the general public that I was right and can help make the CNMI a better place. I have been telling the people the truth all along and the governor has been giving us lip service by telling “half-truths” that are really whole lies. I can only pray for the sake of our Commonwealth that readers will now believe me before believing our governor.....full story

CUC officials mentioned that the present power capacity is at 5 megawatts but the peak consumption need is 35 megawatts. They also mentioned that we have an overcapacity of roughly 30 megawatts.....full story

Last month, your newspaper was kind enough to publish my letter concerning the Retirement Program. I asked Sen. Ray Yumul to explain why he authored Public Law 15-15 that stopped the government/employer contribution to the Retirement Fund, which led to the 25-percent cut in the pension of our retirees. He never responded, which is very disappointing.....full story

The Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands would like to thank all sponsors of the 2nd Annual HANMI Go-Kart Championship.....full story

Dear Chairman Borja: The leadership of the 12th Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council is happy to provide comments to House Legislative Initiative 18-05 and Senate Legislative Initiative 18-02. Both proposals attempt to amend existing terms on public and private land lease terms.....full story

The governor recently announced that there were two interested investors in the Saipan casino and after checking I have confirmed that the governor lied. Yes, he was right about there being one investor but his claim about the Dynasty’s interest was not true—the Dynasty is not interested in a Saipan casino, just like only one hotel was interested in e-gaming. I guess the governor thinks voters are stupid and realize that the people will recognize his admonishment as being a half-truth which we all know is a whole lie! Furthermore, the fact that there is only one investor is sending signals to voters that we are being bamboozled again. In fact, this 15- and 30-day notice is more proof of this all being a setup as it would take the average investor several months to create a legitimate proposal that will commit hundreds of millions to build a hotel and make the 30 million dollar payment. ....full story

When I first read the news in the paper about the closing of American Memorial Park tennis courts for renovation, the initial emotions that went through my mind was of shock and disbelief!....full story

I read in the Saipan Tribune that Northern Marianas College will be offering a Bachelor of Business degree, and upgrading its accreditation status to the Senior WASC Commission, two actions that we have been striving for through the years. It's about time. ....full story

Dear Pete: Your silence speaks volumes and it was deafening after your letter came out demanding COP to terminate their lease so you could extend it to 40 years. It is sad, though, that you choose to ignore my letter completely. Well, what can I say, you are the authority and there’s nothing we can do about it. It could’ve been an opportunity for you to explore other possibilities that will greatly benefit the people of the CNMI. Why the rush anyway? I can understand MCC but why COP too when they haven’t started with their original plan? I guess when you’re in that zone, it doesn’t matter who gets screwed along the way. ....full story

The CNMI’s problem is not a lack of medical referrals, a lack of CUC power plant upgrades, or a lack of DPS officers. Those are only symptoms. Everyone knows the real problem is a lack of money.
....full story



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