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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I usually do some mundane chore during my thinking time. From my second floor tenement dwelling that I now occupy 30 days ago after I moved out of the faculty room at Shenyang Aerospace University’s Friendship Villa, the chore takes the form of sweeping the steps and mopping the dirt off three floor landings, at least two times a week.....full story

Tantu de man-baila hit yan diskuidu, uttimoña masuhun un` sumen destrosiau na asuntu gi hechuran casino. Mana` silensiu gi sigidu na inapprueba gi lehislatura. Dispues mafitma lai sin annunsiu as Gobietno Eulogio S. Inos.....full story

Ever get the disorienting anxiety that something bad is going to happen, though you can’t put your finger on it? It’s a very troubling feeling, right? About your only option is to wait out the devastating tide of fear to hit full measure!....full story

Unu gi ma`ug yan sumen probichosu na finana`guen mañainata i sensian hinimidde. Estague` na pisu sumede hit umaksepta kinententu gi hafa guinahata kumu mañgilisyanu.....full story

I hung out with adults in church gatherings. My father, a Methodist pastor, had a co-Ilocano gentleman bishop who was “family.” His wife gathered the women while the men (women ordination came later) went about their business. I tagged along with mother.....full story

Since 36 years ago, we took over the reins of self-government under a permanent arrangement with our national government under a duly approved Constitution.....full story

While I was waxing enthusiastic about a boutique hotel I stayed at recently, by coincidence a relative was jetting to a lush nook in the tropics to inspect some land on which to build a B&B (bed and breakfast).....full story

There’s the grand expectation that casino is the panacea—the single answer solves all fiscal ills—in the ballooning bankruptcy of the local government. ....full story

OK, let me finish off NCAA’s March Madness. The Badgers of Wisconsin went against the Wildcats of Kentucky, the Huskies of UConn, and top seeded Gators of Florida on the men’s side with the Huskies and the Wildcats at the championship. UConn went against Stanford and Notre Dame v. Maryland in the women’s final four, with the UConn and Notre Dame at the finals. UConn dogs prevailed against the Kentucky cats. Meanwhile the much-anticipated contest of two undefeated women’s teams came when the Fighting Irish faced the Huskies but with the Huskies at an emotional advantage, this year is UConn1 of both gender.....full story

Diariu, dispues de taloa`ne man-bisisita dos paluman apu. Teñga tumunog gi tatten guma` ya sige umeboka gi hilu` cha`guan. Ayu `nai gumupu chagu` gi lemlem tautau. Kase para i lugat niha sino fina` troñku `nai man-deskakansa dispues de minachom atdau.....full story



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