The Saipan Tribune gives its readers timely, accurate, balanced, and wide-ranging coverage of what is happening in the Northern Mariana Islands and around the globe.

The Saipan Tribune has it all, from the latest in breaking local and international news, to cutting-edge information on business, science, technology, and the arts.

The Saipan Tribune caters to a wide variety of interests: sports, cars, health and fitness, environment, education, or entertainment. Its opinion pages provide fresh and penetrating insights on issues affecting the Commonwealth, while its wire subscription to the Associated Press and Tribune News Service provides the international flavor to balance content.

The Saipan Tribune’s online edition is the monitored daily by Google News. It has its own Facebook page, (www.facebook.com/saipantribune/), and its Twitter handle is @saipantribune01.

These reasons and more serve as our guarantee to our advertisers that they get maximum ad exposure for their advertising dollars.

The Saipan Tribune is published Monday to Friday on Saipan and is owned by Saipan Tribune Inc., an affiliate of the TanHoldings Corp.


The Saipan Tribune aims to be the foremost source of news in the Commonwealth, highly reliable, respected, and sets the standards for local journalism.


The Saipan Tribune exists for our readers by being:

  • The first to deliver the most objective, accurate and balanced news and information;
  • A dynamic team that adheres to the highest journalistic standards;
  • The preferred medium of advertisers; and
  • The preferred medium for advertising
  • The most widely read and distributed publication in the CNMI.
  • A publisher of the sports magazine TAGA Sports.



The Saipan Tribune, veritas, the Latin term for “truth,” also stands for the values of the company, the daily mantra that is behind its every action, and the forge with which we shape ourselves and how others will perceive us.


Environmental Achievement Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Region IX in June 2002 for reporting about the environment in the CNMI.

Special award by the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force in October 2003 that helped raise the level of interest in the importance of the environment and other related issues.

Reporter Liberty Dones has been recognized by the Philippine government as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Overseas Filipino Workers in the CNMI in 2004.

Special Recognition in Support of the Arts by the 12th Annual Governor’s Arts Awards in 1996.


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