PEACE IN DIVERSITY: BJ Dance Group from Korea performed traditional dances during Saturday’s 2015 Liberation Day Festivities held at the Kanoa Resort. The group, along with Hawaiian singer Anuhea, performed for the public despite the rainy weather and other Liberation Day activity cancellations.(FRAULEINE S. VILLANUEVA)


No jail time for Fitial, as Inos signs commutation

by Joel D. Pinaroc
Gov. Eloy S. Inos has granted the commutation of the one-year prison sentence for former governor Benigno R. Fitial. Fitial will get no jail time, according to the commutation order. The decision was announced in a commutation order signed by Inos yesterday. “Now, therefore I, Eloy S. Inos, Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, pursuant to the clemency power conferred upon me by Article III of the Constitution of the CNMI, have granted and by there presents do grant… Read More»

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CUC: Energy savings plan, $300K should serve as basis of hospital payment plan

by Dennis B. Chan
To finalize an adequate payment plan, the local hospital has to realize energy savings of about $250,000 and lessen its average $500,000 monthly utility bill to a number it can afford, says Commonwealth Utilities Corp. board director David Sablan Jr. The payment plan would also… Read More»

‘US Treasury has no authority to regulate casinos in CNMI’

by Ferdie De La Torre
The owner of Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino has insisted that U.S. Congress has not given U.S. Department of the Treasury Secretary the authority to regulate casinos in the CNMI. Attorney Bruce Berline, counsel for Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investment Ltd., asked the… Read More»

Tropical storm Chan-Hom to move away from CNMI

by Frauleine S. Villanueva
An all-clear condition for Rota is expected today as Tropical Storm Chan-Hom is forecasted to move away from the CNMI after its erratic movements during the weekend. All warnings and conditions were lowered for Saipan and Tinian as early as yesterday afternoon after being raised… Read More»


‘Crank’ makes short work of Japanese foe

Frank “The Crank” Camacho scored an emotional win against Miura Yasuaki last Friday night, making short work of his Japanese foe in the main event of the Rites of Passage 18: Warpath at the Saipan World Resort’s Royal Taga Hall. Camacho needed only 34… Read More»


For the love of toys: New store ‘Kid Stuff!’ opens

As owner Robert Hunter simply puts it, “Who doesn’t love toys?” However, setting up the newest toy store on island is not about—or at least not only about—his love of toys. Opening up “Kid Stuff!” at the USL Building in Middle Road, Gualo Rai just last… Read More»


Forbidden no more

I am in Shenyang, China complaining of the intermittent rains and thunder rather than the typhoon in the Marianas. It was shortly after the worldwide condemnation of the lone guy in front of tanks that China went on a diplomatic offensive. I was with a… Read More»

Letters to the Editor

Fat and sassy

I am proud of my country and being a U.S. citizen. Several other locals are not though they pretend to be. Do I believe the U.S. military should be allowed training facilities on Tinian and Pagan? Absolutely, within reason. Why? Those fat and sassy… Read More»