SHRM INDUCTION: Lt. Gov. Ralph DLG. Torres, left, inducts the new officers of the Society for Human Resource Management CNMI Chapter led by its president Frank Gibson during its first meeting yesterday at the Pacific Islands Club Saipan. This photo has been retouched to incorporate the SHRM logo. (Mark Rabago)


DPS chief turns attention to tourists violating traffic law

‘We cannot continue to tolerate tourists not complying traffic safety rules’
by Ferdie De La Torre
Problems with tourists who fail to comply with traffic rules while driving rented cars has become increasingly common, frustrating many in the community and even law enforcers, according to Department of Public Safety Commissioner James C. Deleon Guerrero. In an interview yesterday, Deleon Guerrero said he is aware for quite some time now about some tourists who do not follow traffic safety rules. “One of the things that we have been doing actually is looking at the educational aspect of… Read More»

Featured Stories

Defense to consolidate on north part of Tinian airport

by Dennis B. Chan
The military buildup on the Tinian Westfield Airport will be kept north of its runway—granting a clear separation between civilian and military assets, as well as allowing for a consolidated use of property by any Department of Defense entity, according to both CNMI and military… Read More»

Torres: Govt will listen to proposals on military exercises

by Contributing Author
The current administration of Gov. Eloy S. Inos is willing to listen to further proposals regarding joint military exercises and the use of an alternative airport in the CNMI by the U.S. military. In a media interview, Lt. Gov. Ralph DLG. Torres acknowledged that a meeting took… Read More»

M/V Luta prepares for maiden voyage to NMI

by Joel Pinaroc
M/V Luta is preparing for its first trans-Pacific voyage to the CNMI from its current port in Louisiana. Senate President Victor Hocog (R-Rota) hosted a meeting on Thursday with the owners of the vessel, the U.S. Coast Guard, the mayor of Rota, and other lawmakers to discuss the… Read More»


PBT rush in pentathlon meet

Personal best times were recorded one after another in the first four events of last Saturday’s 2014-2015 SSC Pentathlon Swim Meet at the Kan Pacific Swimming Pool. The weekend meet’s first four events featured the 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 50m… Read More»


United announces full-year and Q4 2014 profit

CHICAGO—United Airlines reported Friday full-year 2014 net income of $1.97 billion, an increase of 89 percent year-over-year, or $5.06 per diluted share, excluding $834 million of special items. Including special items, UAL reported full-year net income… Read More»


Petty cash

Here’s the word of the day: money. OK, that’s a big topic. So we’ll take a little slice from the small end of it. And here, when it comes to personal finance, there seem to be two competing schools of thought over small expenditures. Me, I don’t have any… Read More»

Letters to the Editor

Why the CNMI needs healthcare reform…now!

When the Commonwealth Health Center was in its infancy and planning stage in 1980, the people of the Northern Mariana Islands were proud that a 75-bed hospital, fully equipped with the state-of-the-art modern medical equipment will be built. It was… Read More»