Rancher Ernest “Ernie” Torres, right, leads the loading of an almost 1-ton bull to a specially designed container that will carry a total of nine bulls and a young female cow to Guam, at the Port of Saipan on Saturday night. The cattle shipment left Saipan early Sunday morning and is expected to arrive in Guam this morning to an expected fanfare, some 12 years since the last shipment of its kind from the CNMI to Guam. (Haidee V. Eugenio)


Cape Air cancels several flights

Cancellations reportedly to last until Tuesday
by Dennis B. Chan
Four Cape Air/United Airline flights from Saipan to Rota or Guam were cancelled yesterday, on top of more cancellations on Friday and Saturday, reportedly due to “mechanical issues,” according to information obtained from members of the public and flight data found online. Two morning flights and an evening flight destined for Guam were cancelled, as well as a flight destined for Rota in the afternoon, according to As of yesterday afternoon, Saipan Tribune could not… Read More»

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First cattle shipment from NMI arrives in Guam today

Big hopes as rancher loads cattle to special container
by Haidee V. Eugenio
“This is history,” rancher Ernest “Ernie” Torres said Saturday night after leading an almost 1-ton bull to a special blue container at the Saipan seaport that will carry a total of nine bulls and a young female cow to Guam. Torres said Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo and others are… Read More»

Democratic Party bets file candidacies

by Haidee V. Eugenio
Gubernatorial candidate Edward M. “Tofila” Deleon Guerrero and his running mate, Daniel O. Quitugua, led the reorganized Democratic Party’s filing of petitions and candidacy on Friday morning, surrounded by their families, friends and supporters. The Democratic Party has 11… Read More»

EPA considers finding CUC in contempt, eyes receiver

US grant for CUC now over $50M since court orders in 2009
by Ferdie De La Torre
With a federal judge pointedly stating that the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has no regard for judicial deadlines, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now strongly considering asking the court to find CUC in breach of court orders and appointing a receiver to oversee the… Read More»


Hawaiian Rock notches second straight win

Hawaiian Rock made it two in a row, following a 76-66 victory over Degree in the lone game played in the 2014 Emon Lodge No.179 Basketball League 40 and Above Masters Division last Wednesday night at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium. Hawaiian Rock turned the… Read More»


United to launch daily non-stop Guam-Seoul flights

GUAM—United Airlines announced Monday plans to launch daily, non-stop service between its Guam hub and Seoul, South Korea, effective Oct. 27, 2014 (northbound). The airline will use Boeing 737-800 aircraft to operate the service. Flights are now available… Read More»


Hello! Everbody home?

My uncle has his own version of conversational English. He’d come to the house and begins with, “Hello! Everbody home?” I know the voice and that I’d be stuck listening to his outmoded ideas for four hours a pop. He addresses the economy and asserts that… Read More»

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What if you face the problems CWs face here

“You should clap for those young people,” Vice President Biden said. “Can you imagine the pain, the anxiety, coming home every day wondering whether or not your mother and father will still be there? Can you imagine what it must feel like?” Joe Biden was… Read More»