FUTURE POETS-The winners of the 14th Annual Sengebau Poetry Competition that was hosted by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council pose for a picture during the competition yesterday at the American Memorial Park Visitor’s Center theater. (Kimberly A. Bautista)


TakeCare, CHCC repair rift

TakeCare Insurance has now included the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. on its list of participating providers. This will allow those with TakeCare health insurance access to CHCC for their medical needs. At the same time, all CHCC historical claims have been paid. In a statement yesterday, TakeCare president Jeff Larsen said the insurance company now has “clarity on the network status of CHCC and [TakeCare members] can continue to see their doctors.” “Throughout this process, TakeCare...
Posted On Oct 20 2017

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Another circulation forms near Saipan

With Typhoon Lan turning northward and moving farther from the Marianas, another circulation is beginning to form northeast of Saipan. This circulation especially needs to be watched closely as it gradually develops, according to the CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency...

PSS funding gets another look

The amount of how much the Public School System would get as its share of the annual budget could come down to how “general fund revenue” is defined. According to the CNMI Constitution, PSS is entitled to 25 percent of the general revenues of the Commonwealth. However, it does...

Over 2K stray dogs impounded

The Saipan Mayor’s Office’s Dog Control Program has rounded up over 11 percent of the total stray dog population on Saipan, according to program manager Spencer Marchadesch. As of Oct. 1, 2017, the program was able to pick up 2,461 dogs and impounded them at one time or another...

Other Local News

Airport issues go under microscope

The Strategic Economic Development Council’s Airport Revitalization Committee sat down with the Commonwealth Ports Authority and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection last Tuesday to address matters affecting the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport.  Matthew O. Deleon...


‘The Crank’ vs Aussie in UFC 121

Frank “The Crank” Camacho will be making his second appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship arena when he goes up against Australia’s Damien Brown in UFC Fight Night 121 next month in New South Wales, Australia. The Camacho-Brown fight will open...
Posted On Oct 20 2017


The Shack Saipan thrives on sustainability

Glen Hunter, who co-owns The Shack with his family, has a very specific idea of how he wants their customers to feel. “Growing up, our house always had an open door,” he said. “My mom always welcomed everybody, she loved people with food, and she’s the...
Posted On Oct 20 2017


The night crew

A random walk through the radio dial might have solved a mystery that has befuddled me for decades. I first encountered this mystery when I was a flight student. I noticed that most of my improvement seemed to come between flights instead of kicking in...

Letters to the Editor

Everyday horrors

Harvey Weinstein has fallen from grace because he either tried, or succeeded, to have sex with actresses. This has always been known as “the casting couch”; Weinstein merely had the misfortune to get caught. David Icke, a British historian and...
Posted On Oct 20 2017