Che’lu is cheered on by cultural dancers and onlookers as she arrives last Sunday at the Guma Sakman in the waters off Civic Center Beach in Susupe. (MAXINE LASZLO)


BREAKING NEWS: 2 women found dead

Two Asian-looking women have been found dead at a building in front of the former UIC garment building in San Antonio this morning, Saipan Tribune learned. The two women were found dead inside Rice Cake Best Food Restaurant in front of the former UIC Garment Factory. Police are investigating the case as a possible homicide. More details to follow. (Ferdie de la Torre)

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‘Settlement Fund no longer in imminent danger of collapse’

Although the Settlement Fund is far from being out of the woods, it is no longer in imminent danger of collapse today, according to the Fund’s trustee, Joyce C. H. Tang. This comes as U.S. District Court for the NMI designated Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood approved Tang’s...

Grand welcome for the Che’lu

Boatloads of people witnessed the arrival of the traditional canoe called Che’lu at the Guma Sakman in the waters off Civic Center Beach in Susupe last Sunday. The traditional Chamorro outrigger canoe, or sakman, was greeted on the beach around 2:05pm by the sounds of kulus, or...

San Nicolas reconsiders

Former CNMI attorney general and Tinian mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas is reconsidering whether to accept or not the job as general counsel for casino operator Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC. Outgoing IPI general counsel Phillip J. Tydingco told U.S. District Court for...

Other Local News

Ishida gets full-ride scholarship

Marianas High School senior Kate Yamamoto Ishida joins the list of CNMI students who received a full four-year scholarship through QuestBridge National Match Scholarship and is set to live her dream of a “guilt-free” college experience. Ishida, who will pursue her college...


Volleyball titles at stake

Elementary and middle school crowns will be at stake this weekend, as the 2019-2020 Public School System Interscholastic Volleyball League holds its playoff round at the Oleai Sports Complex and Marianas High School Gymnasium. The girls middle school...


Saipan Vegas Resort has a world of its own

Saipan Vegas Resort located in Chalan Lau Lau on Middle Road keeps growing since it opened in March 2017. Starting as a budget resort with affordable accommodations, a lively mix of gaming experience, and a 9-hole golf course, it has extended its...
Posted On Dec 13 2019


‘Not yet, already’

Some unusual events turned fireworks as the year draws to a close. It includes the FBI raid of the governor’s office, screaming headline for his investigation, the steady loss of taxes from IPI, and the resignation of its CEO. Interesting the hot blast of...

Letters to the Editor

A widening ripple

There is at least one positive side-effect to the Nov. 7, 2019, FBI raid on a variety of public and private offices on Saipan. Print media coverage will provide teachers of all middle and high schools, as well as NMC instructors, with an opportunity to...
Posted On Dec 12 2019