Firefighters attempt to extinguish a fire that engulfed a two-story house in Chalan Kanoa early yesterday morning. (DFEMS)


Fire swallows CK house

A fire engulfed a two-story house in Chalan Kanoa early yesterday morning, even as a brush fire that broke out Monday afternoon at Wireless Ridge was still spreading, destroying acres of vegetation. The Chalan Kanoa fire gutted the interior of the two-story house on Anita Avenue corner Crispina Street. No one was reported injured as the house occupants—Wilfredo “Boy” Ching, his wife, and 29-year-old son—managed to run outside for safety. Ching and his family were able to drive out their two...

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Task force to regulate B&Bs

Far from responding to the need for more beds for tourists in the Commonwealth, the CNMI government views illegal bed-and-breakfast places as wily operators who make a quick buck while skirting paying taxes—to the detriment of hotel operators who do pay the occupancy tax. The...
Posted On Mar 21 2018

AC issue shutters Guma Hustisia

The Guma Hustisia in Susupe has been closed since Friday morning because of the air-conditioning problem, resulting in the postponement of several case proceedings. It’s not just the air-conditioning system, though, according to a source, but possibly a serious mold problem. The...

NMTI claims NMC opposes accreditation

The Northern Marianas Trades Institute claims the Northern Marianas College opposes its accreditation and conversion into a public, accredited institution, but NMC claims that is not the case. In an interview with NMTI CEO Agnes McPhetres at the weekly Rotary Club of Saipan...

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Groups oppose reversing court order to add documents

Four environmental groups are opposing the U.S. Department of Navy’s and the U.S. Department of Defense’s request for the U.S. District Court for the NMI to reverse its order that compels them to add more documents to the record in the lawsuit filed by the groups. The Tinian...


Rousing debut for Ol’Aces

The Ol’Aces’ potent offense was in full display in their 144-58 crushing of the Saints during the opening of the 2018 MIBF Island-wide Basketball League last Monday night at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium. The Ol’Aces, which have a mix of former CNMI men’s...


McDonald’s raffle celebrates 25 years in NMI

McDonald’s Saipan gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes during its 25th anniversary last Saturday. Since the beginning of March, with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal, customers were eligible to enter in a raffle draw. Last Saturday, in...


US-Nokor Nuke Negotiations?

What? fire and fury finished? Nuke fission fusion freeze? Strategic sanctions diminished? Pyongyang political ping pong? Trump eats tentative Twheaties? Rocket man new karaoke sing song? Trump a bigly dictator fan? Atomic bomb vomit congeals Underneath...

Letters to the Editor

Laughingstock of the free world

In reorganizing his Cabinet, it seems President Trump’s replacement nominees need replacing!  We’ve truly become the laughingstock of the free world and it’s just plain embarrassing! Herb Stark Mooresville, NC
Posted On Mar 20 2018