Christopher Hersha, dog handler for Animal Balance, tries to leash one of the dogs that is ready for neutering or zeuterin. (Jayson Camacho)


Ex-Rota mayor formally charged

by Ferdie De La Torre
The Office of the Attorney General has formally charged former Rota mayor Melchor A. Mendiola in connection with the Office of the Public Auditor’s investigation on alleged corruption activities of former Rota municipal officials. Assistant attorney general Emily Cohen filed on Tuesday an amended information charging the 65-year-old Mendiola with theft. According to the first amended information, Mendiola unlawfully took nine picnic tables belonging to the Rota Mayor’s Office on and between… Read More»

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Thinking it was ‘ice,’ cop buys ‘tawas’

Cop gets 30 months in prison; first to fall in ‘control-reverse’ operation
by Ferdie De La Torre
Police Officer I Carl Kohler Tudela pleaded guilty yesterday to attempted possession of a controlled substance as part of a plea deal and was sentenced to the maximum two years and six months in prison. Yet in the sting operation that led to Tudela’s arrest, what he believed to… Read More»

Donations for Rota are pouring in

by Frauleine S. Villanueva
The Karidat Association of Saipan CNMI has been at the receiving end of a flood of donations from various private individuals and companies that will be used to help Rota residents in the wake of the damage brought by Typhoon Dolphin. The organization has already received a total… Read More»

Over 300 dogs sterilized, 17 adopted

by Jayson Camacho
Over 300 dogs have already been sterilized since sterilization services kicked off last May 19, according to Animal Balance founder and director Emma Clifford yesterday. Services for spay, neutering, and zeuterin were offered the whole day yesterday at the Kagman Community Center… Read More»


Tsunami Saipan pins hopes on 7 swimmers

Tsunami Swimming Center Saipan believes seven off its 22 members participating in this weekend’s 2015 Guam Championships have a strong chance to win top high-point awards in their respective division. Tsunami Saipan coach Hiro Kimura is positive that U8’s… Read More»


Pacific regional fuel prices are increasing again

SUVA, Fiji—For the past 10 months, Pacific Island countries and territories have enjoyed falling petroleum prices but there are indications that the region should prepare for rising fuel prices. Assessments by Economic Development Division of the… Read More»


‘A`saina, anybody home?’

Harmony seems missing in the tunes heard in the villages these days. Though it’s heartfelt expressions, the lyrics speak of hopelessness. The sighs are indications of irregularity in the pulse of the community that could implode shortly. Some tried to… Read More»

Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana

There is significant public support in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands for the legalization of medical marijuana. Despite unnecessary delays in making these changes, it is widely accepted that we are close to achieving legal reforms. U.S.… Read More»