PaganWatch group reactivated in response to military plans

PaganWatch has been reactivated to respond to the challenge of protecting the Commonwealth’s islands from the U.S. military’s intention to use them as bombing ranges, according to Paganwatch founder Pete Perez.

“We have teamed with Guardians of Gani, another local grassroots group opposed to the destruction of our beautiful islands. Together we are hosting ‘Alternative Zero,’ a local perspective event that will take place at the entrances to the three military Draft EIS public hearings,” he said.

The public hearings are scheduled to be held on the following dates:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, from 4pm to 9pm, Saipan Southern High School cafeteria

Thursday, April 30, 2015, from 4pm to 9pm, Tinian Junior Senior High School cafeteria

Friday, May 1, 2015, from 4pm to 9pm, Garapan Elementary School

“The military wants Alternative 1, Alternative 2, or Alternative 3—all variations on bombing our islands for practice. We want Alternative Zero—peaceful and productive use of our land and waters for the benefit of the people,” said Perez.

“Alternative Zero will inform the public as to the true nature of the military’s intention—the realities of turning beautiful islands into bombing ranges. It will also educate people about non-destructive alternatives for Tinian and Pagan,” he added. (Saipan Tribune)

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Saipan Tribune

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  • jun

    Maybe we should create a group to encourage military build up in the CNMI.

  • Ioanes

    We want preservation of our precious gem yet conflicted with the obligation of our national government to ensure regional and national security for ourselves and allied countries.

    • Juanita Mendiola

      Destroying these islands will not make them any more proficient in the war zones than they already are. They have, at their immediate disposal, access to advance technology and more than half the nation’s budget. They can build an island and bomb it to pieces then rebuild and continue in their quest to be better war machines. They must be controlled. They cannot continue to bomb and destroy the earth a chunk at the time, a mountain at the time, an ocean at the time, and a mountain at the time!

  • HeadHunter

    Can the military just use Guam’s Cocos Island for bombing exercises, since Guam already has the bases that will be closer to the firing range? It may also serve as an educational tool for perspective learning in regards to the “sights and sounds” of destruction.

  • ngo-u.s.a.

    We love the idea that everyone’s neurons contain some latent capacity for wisdom or unexpressed talent that can only be activated at will. Creating an alternate reality of facts bolstered by the obfuscation of truth, in part, by selling an illusion in consumerism to pacify, begins the process of a community dumbed down. The fact is MITT represents a full frontal assault on the Covenant, CNMI people, and their lands. Historical antecedents teach us that military footholds established are to free peoples what Jack the Ripper was to St. Francis of Assisi. For these reasons, militarism must be categorically rejected by anyone who cares about the children of these lands. Welcome home again, PaganWatch.

  • jun

    Buenas Chamole,

    Bombing and tourism co-exist in the Hawaiian islands, so we may have both of them or both cake at the same time. Schofield Barracks is a prime example, Wahiawa benefits from the military economically for decades. Towns or cities like Leeseville, Tacoma, Colorado Springs, Oceanside, etc., are forking in big bucks from the near by military installations each and every year. Most of these towns also benefits from tourism at the same time.

    Bombing and tourism can be a good combination, we need to be creative at times.

    • Juanita Mendiola

      Sorry Jun. You are so way outdated. If you actually read the DEIS you will find that Hawaii is one of the reasons they are looking for another place to bomb. They do not want it and the military finds that the urbanization of the islands have become disruptive in their training schedules. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD the darn study!

  • HeadHunter

    Chelu, I was being sarcastic. I was making a point that it does not matter what island will be bombed as long as it is not ours, or yours. It was meant to stir emotions of how we feel and to justify that we, the people from the entire Marianas chain of islands, know that we are in the same mindset to NEVER GIVE UP OUR ISLANDS!This is why we as a nation of people must stand up as to what is rightfully ours and stand strong. We may be divided by water, but we are united in spirit. It would be great to know that our brothers and sisters in Guam are on our side.

    • chana cruz castro

      Saina ma’ase, Chelu, for clarifying your thoughts. Please know that we who call these sacred lands home, are also passionate in condemning the senseless destruction and desecration of our homelands in the name of warmongering. Our parents and grandparents may have been deceived by military strategists who took advantage of their gratitude at the end of a war that was brought to our shores. A war not of our making that, nevertheless, destroyed much of our islands and wrought horrific suffering on our people. We must not be fooled any longer by those who abuse our inherent generosity to welcome others to live in our island home and then seek to destroy it — in this case, the military. By standing up in protection of our sacred lands, we honor the spirit of our Ma’niana who, for centuries, lived in respectful harmony with the Lands, Air and Waters that sustain us. My heart swells with pride to hear the voices of our Marianas Warriors who loudly proclaim, NO SACRED LANDS WILL BE SACRIFICED FOR MILITARY DESTRUCTION! Brothers and Sisters, we stand together!

      • Juanita Mendiola

        FANACHO MARIANAS! Un Hinasu, Un Kurason, Un Tinigong!

  • Tinalakattne Yantitiyas

    Sorry RC but don’t buy your reasoning. Yellowstone national park is also volcanic, so they should just bomb that cause its going to eventually blow anyway. How about Hawaii etc?…

    • RCGuam

      What a stretch to compare Yellowstone to Pagan. You are actually helping my cause with comments like that. That last Yellowstone eruption according to the USGS was 70,000 years ago. Feel free to actually look it up for yourself. Here is the website:

      Fact is Pagan is an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere and it is only sentiment that has folks like you trying to protect it. I’d wager that 99% of the people wanting to prevent its use by the military have never been there and never will. Yes it is precious to a few but at the end of the day the military will be using it for training. At least that is my gut feeling. I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but I sure hope so.

      • Tinalakattne Yantitiyas

        “When will Yellowstone erupt again?

        We do not know.” (Directly from website above)

        Unless your God and can predict when its gonna’ blow, ain’t buying your reasoning RC. Uninhabited or not, been there or not, locals should have a say so on how and what the island is to be used for. Just cause I have a parcel of land in Kansas and its sitting in middle of nowhere in the sticks don’t mean that I should just give it up for Feds to use as they please.

        And RC, I am Veteran and continue to serve and have a clue or two as to how the military operates. Esta ki.

  • Juanita Mendiola

    That is mother nature at work and believe that she will also heal. The military does not heal. They do not even want to admit to destructions they make – read up on what is happening with FDM! Or wait! Can you find one significant economic boom from the bombing of FDM? I prefer to wait for mother nature’s wrath than this plan of destruction. Eat your dolllars, but not on this ground! Find another place to sell if you are so hungry to eat currency!

    • RCGuam

      To say that any damage the military causes will never “heal” but that damage from a major volcanic eruption will heal is just wrong and shows your extreme bias against the military. Major battles were fought on Saipan. All the damage has healed over time. The two sights in Japan where nuclear weapons were dropped have healed over time and are fully inhabited.

      Have you ever been to FDM? I have and FDM is full of birds of all kinds. Despite the military bombing the island, birds have made it home. Yes the island is eroding. Have you been to any coastline on Saipan. Check the beaches near the Hyatt and the American Memorial Park. Those too are eroding. So what is the point? The point is you are so hostile towards the military you can’t and won’t discuss things logically. You’ll never change your mind and I won’t change mine. But I love my country and support its military and back its decision to move forward with the construction of training ranges in Tinian and Pagan.

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