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Governor scores Interior’s Stayman

Posted on Dec 02 1998

The usually quiet and diplomatic titular head of the NMI has spoken out publicly lashing the US Department of Interior’s OIA’s continuing agenda to impose a federal takeover of the NMI’s wage, labor and immigration laws.

A quick glimpse into the performance portfolio of Interior’s OIA, instantly illustrates its sterling record of failure for, believe it or not, 37 years now. I mean, whoever wishes to talk economic future here next year when the anticipated crisis is expected to hit rock bottom has got to be planet earth’s dumbest person. And this attitude seems to be the forte of the Pinto Boys at OIA.

Who was it that said: “Sir, I know you’re stupid; please don’t confirm it?” This is what we’re dealing with in our relationship with a lead federal agency that has taken on a blind agenda to compromise the very essence of our rights to self-government. How could anyone in his right mind preach more government that runs against the mantra of a Republican-controlled US Congress whose philosophy and commitment is less government?

This evil agenda mandates the need for the local government to retain the services of Preston Gates so we can ably put heavyweights right in the ring of Capitol Hill to fight off Interior’s headless bozos. It’s our livelihood and that of posterity that must be protected from evil geniuses who never take our voices into consideration when pushing issues that run contrary to the very intent of the Covenant Agreement.

OIA’s interest in NMI economics is premised on killing the garment industry — Little David — because of its (OIA) close association with the US textile labor union, no more, no less. It highlights how federal agencies have grandly discriminated against Americans of color or those situated outside mainstream America. Excuse me, sir, but aren’t we US Citizens too? Why have you decided to alienate this group of Americans and who gave you the authority to level this form of discrimination against us?

In short, OIA’s Allen Stayman not only needs a rude “wake up” call, but a “shut up” call as well. Sir Lord Weed, as simple and powerless as we may be in the eyes of our Mother Country that doesn’t grant you the right to compromise our rights to self-government in absentia. Why don’t you work on New York’s sweatshop located about an hour away from your cubicle as trumpeted in Time Magazine’s recent expose`? Why engage in a grandiose scheme of confirming stupidity?

What unbridled arrogance that speaks clearly of how OIA works with the warped mind of a great white father. I never knew there’s such a thing as a dragon of stupidity, drowning in the wiles of a wannabe, acutely suffering from the lapses of juvenile adolescent behavior. We’ve grown up, Lord Weed. We know what our rights are under the Stars and Stripes Forever!

If the exercise of self-government means making and rectifying our own mistakes, then we’ve done just that for we too believe in the rule of law. Finally, Lord Weed, if you can’t replace or substitute the only industry that feeds our local coffers, then it’s time that you march towards Suicide Cliff and take a dive into eternity for we don’t deserve the glaring discrimination from a completely inefficient and ineptitude federal agency. Think about it, Lord Weed.


I understand that two of the Public School System’s key people are leaving PSS sometime towards the end of the year, namely: Patrick Tellei and Margaret Dela Cruz, deputy commissioners for administration and instructions, respectively. My salute to both of you for your contribution amidst the often mind-numbing politics that often threaten your dedicated efforts. Tellei will return home to Belau having heard the distant drums of home after many years abroad. Dela Cruz is retiring. My profound sense of gratitude as you set sail into your next plan. Si Yuus Maase`!

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