Human rights freaks and care creeps: beware of unions

Posted on Mar 10 1999

The protesting scene at the San Francisco Gap store a few days ago is but the first action in a long series of planned anti-CNMI crusades. The US textile labor unions have just enlisted the aid of that breed of college student known as the care creep. Their ultimate aim: the complete destruction of our local garment industry amid our virtual tourism industry collapse.

The groups involved in this mass action against us include: “Sweatshop Watch, “The Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees” (UNITE–as in, “workers of the world, unite!”), “the Asian Pacific Labor Alliance,” and–wouldn’t you just know it?–the “Democratic Socialists of America” (Berkeley Chapter, of course).

The labor unions have joined forces with the human rights freaks and the college care creeps. The labor union special interest groups have skillfully aligned themselves with the socialistic political radicalism and misguided idealism of the leftist campus counter-culture. Including–may I remind you again?–“The Democratic Socialists of America”!

What we have here is the skillful labor union exploitation of the naive youth fringe–a fringe still largely devoid of meaning and identity, still struggling to do what’s right, to stand up for a cause–any cause–and to try to make some kind of a “difference” in this world. The anti-CNMI textile labor union conspirators have found themselves eager university protesters–protesters who would gladly crusade against the CNMI (which they know nothing about) free of charge.

These college care creeps and human rights freaks, however, remain completely oblivious to the labor unions’ sinister agenda: to kill free market competition abroad and penalize the US consumer with protectionism-induced trade inflation. The average college care creep doesn’t realize that the labor unions really don’t give a damn about Chinese workers on Saipan.

The unions care only about their own jobs. In fact, they want our nonresident workers to be unemployed, to stop competing with them–and that’s precisely what they intend to achieve, not through free and open commercial competition, but through political activism, media smear campaigns, buyer intimidation, and the federalization of our immigration and minimum wage.

If a Chinese citizen is impoverished and unemployed, the labor unions wouldn’t lift a finger to protest his sad plight. There would be no mass rallies condemning rampant Chinese unemployment. The unions would remain silent.

It is only when the Asian worker is gainfully employed, developing, and struggling to improve his life, that the labor unions take notice by condemning his nefarious exploitation. Human rights freaks and college care creeps, take notice: You are the ones being exploited; your labor union sponsors really don’t care about the plight of Saipan’s foreign workers.

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