A trilogy and an acrostic


Impeachment or Resignation
“Two possibilities exist: Either we are all alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”—Arthur C. Clarke
Concerning President 45 two possibilities exist
either he will be impeached or he will resign
if one followed the other that would be fine
if impeachment is achieved can resignation resist
from what we know of our chief narcissist
he would never resign given his bloated ego
causing more Congressional chaos to exist
Trump fighting from the greens of Mar A Lago 
he’s so unpredictable no one knows what he will do
more than likely keep insulting anyone in sight
he’s insulted many and he’s not through yet
as Trumpty Dumpty falls he’ll keep up the fight
he defends his genius, his downfall he’s denying
all possible roads of his exit are ‘equally terrifying’.
Put in Trust…Trump a Bust!
Put who in trust … some mad cad
who is a must … red state rad
Putin in trust … Egad! Egad!
ladies and lust … go gone gonad
Trump a bust … aging mad lad 
evangelicals no fuss … ritual thought
In God We Trust … spiritual sought
Trump’s problem his own … individual thought
so they leave him alone … indivisible bought
he lies to the bone … clavicle caught
why does 45 seem to defend … defensive
Putin he will not offend … offensive
his Russian Federation friend … reprehensive
as dollars and rubles blend … comprehensive
Put in trust to the end … hypersensitive.
The Odium of Trump at the Podium
(More loathing, lies, and insults to despise.)
The world has come to view 45 at the podium
with constant misunderstanding, lies, and cries 
daily he spews out more and more overt odium
he lied to and insulted Canada and other allies
gone the promise of better things to come
swamp drainage quicksand covers all involved
wallowing in grand delusion he seems very dumb
so the disastrous Trump administration evolved
he fired so many now he’s feeling alone and isolated
his monstrous ego completely refuses to admit defeat
his nationalism and narcissism is never satiated
he is in the kitchen but can’t take derision or heat
drives away long-time allies then says he needs them
our nation and the rest of the world tires of his BM.
Nevertheless She Persisted
“I have no intention of yielding.”—US.. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Senator from Massachusetts, born in Oklahoma
Elizabeth Warren is her name, persistence her fame
NEVER afraid to confront hypocrisy
THE Senate president said, ‘Yield the floor’
LESS you forget what she did
SHE read the letter he objected to
PERSISTED despite Senator McConnell’s objection
I “am very proud of my heritage ”
HAVE you remembered now
NO one should forget her
INTENTION was good and sincere
OFcourse we respect her
YIELDING to none, domestic or foreign
Thank you, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


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