Restoration of services starts


As of 8am this morning, Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, issued the “all clear” from Super Typhoon Yutu for Saipan and Tinian.


Torres has submitted to the White House the official package requesting for a presidential disaster declaration. If approved, this will trigger Public and Individual Assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for residents who were impacted by Super Typhoon Yutu.


Until the approval for a disaster declaration has been received by the CNMI government, there will be no requests approved for CNMI residents from FEMA or the Small Business Association. If a registration number is received by a CNMI resident, that registration number will have been received for damages sustained by Typhoon Mangkhut, not Super Typhoon Yutu.


For residents impacted by Yutu, FEMA is encouraging residents to refrain from registering online or via the hotline number until a presidential disaster declaration has been approved by President Donald J. Trump. Residents who do so anyway, will receive an automatic denial letter.


Shelter Information


Most of the shelters identified have undergone extensive damage and were unsafe for residents to seek shelter.


The CNMI government is working to assess alternative sites for residents to seek shelter, with the main priority being the assurance of safety and the accessibility to potable water are met. Until personnel have been able to meet these requirements, we ask the community to please be patient and to seek shelter with family members or friends.


Neighbors, now is the time to assist one another. If at all possible and your home is safe for occupancy, please help your fellow neighbor and provide shelter until such time sites have been identified for the displaced community to move into.


Utility restoration



Due to the extensive damage to the electrical systems at the water wells, CUC’s immediate solution is to determine the best source areas to set up water stations for the residents to receive water while repairs to well systems are resolved. CUC looks to complete this within the next 24 hours. An official update will be forthcoming.



Water station is for residents only. The generator to get water online is undergoing repair tomorrow. If successful, water services will resume soon after. An official update will be provided once crews have determined the extent of damage.


For more information, contact CUC at the following numbers: 

CUC Call Center: (670) 664-4282

CUC Outage Hotline: (670) 236-4333

CUC Rota: (670) 532-9411/9413

CUC Tinian: (670) 433-9261/9264/9265


Businesses open for operation



Welcome Market SR – Open

New Sara Market (Capitol Hill) – Open

Capitol Hill Market – Open

Happy Market – Open

Lucky D (Dandan) – Open and accepts cards, but are currently out of bottled water

Rising Market (Koblerville) – Open and accepts cards

Green Consume 2 (Chalan Laulau) – Open

Joeten Dandan and Garapan – Open and accepts cards

Han Nam (Koblerville)  – Open and accepts cards

Shun fu (Middle Road)  – Open, cash basis only


Gas Stations

Mobil Garapan (next to Toshiba) – Open

Mobil Kagman – Open

Shell Highway Express (Gualo Rai) – Open until 5pm, Limit $50

Shell SR – Closed

Tanapag Mobil – Closed

Mobil Chalan Kiya – Closed until further notice

Shell Dan dan – Closed until further notice

Shell Gualo Rai – Open

Shell (Middle Road) – Will open at 2pm, Friday

Shell Puerto Rico – Closed until further notice (Generators being worked on)

Shell Airport – Sustained damage, will take months to recover

Mobil Garapan (McDonalds) – Open



Wushin (open tomorrow 8am-5pm) – No filling up of cars; just containers drums



Subway Gualo Rai – Open

Herman’s Bakery – Cash only

Triple J Restaurants – Tony Roma’s,  Capricciosa, Surf Club, Bubby Gump & Great Harvest – Open

J’s Gualo Rai – Open for take-out

Himawari – Open and accepting cards

Shirley’s Garapan – Open

Tony’s Seafood – $5, 5 choice


Water companies

Saipan Ice – Open, limit 3 bags of ice

Star Water – Open, selling 5-gal water



Lucky D (Dandan) – Open

Kagman Laundry – Open

No laundromats in San Roque are open.

Evergreen Laundromat (Dandan across Joeten) – Closed

Winners (across Garapan Elementary) – Open

None of the laundromats in Koblerville are open as they have sustained damage.

Cool Laundromat (Fina Sisu) – Closed until further notice



FHB Oleai branch – Open until 1:30pm to 4:30pm, Friday

Oleai ATM – Open until 10pm

BOG Garapan – Open until 2:30pm, Friday

Joeten Kagman and Dandan ATMs – Open

***FHB will reverse ATM fees if you use a non-FHB ATM***


Hardware Stores

Korea Hardware – Open

Do It Best (YCO) As Terlaje – Open

Ace Hardware Susupe – Open & accepts cards

Ace Hardware Gualo Rai & San Vicent – Open

YCO Garapan – Open and accepting cards


Transfer Station – Open until 4PM, Friday


Healthcare Services


Hospital and Emergency Room on Saipan are fully operational.


Dialysis Center has resumed operations, and will maintain normal operating hours (Monday – Saturday 5:30am to 8:30pm). Patients should follow their regular dialysis schedule, and should call the CHCC to report at (670) 236-8201 and ask to be transferred to the Dialysis Center if they are not able to make their appointment.


The Chest Clinic has resumed services for half-day indefinitely from 8am to 12pm. If there is any reason they are not able to take their medication, patients of the Chest Clinic should call (670) 236-8201 and ask to speak with the Chest Clinic.


The Community Guidance Center is offering crisis counseling services at the wellness center near the Children’s clinic at the CHCC until 4:30pm today (Friday). Crisis counseling services will continue normal working hours next week beginning on Monday.


The Tinian Health Center sustained heavier damage but is back to normal operations today. Despite public utilities loss, the CHCC is operating on its back-up generators and water reservoir.


An update on the opening of CHCC outpatient clinics on Saipan will be out soon.


The facilities of the hospital and dialysis center of CHCC sustained minor structural damage and minor water damage. Despite public utilities loss, the CHCC is operating on its back-up generators and water reservoir. The hospital and emergency room maintained operations throughout Super Typhoon Yutu. A supplemental backup generator has been requested from FEMA in addition to the backup generator currently on standby at the CHCC for added safety.


Injuries and Casualties


By daybreak on Oct. 25, injured residents began presenting to the emergency room, with a total of 133 patients treated at the ER since the storm. Several severe typhoon-related injuries required surgery.


One storm-related death has been recorded.


A federal disaster medical assistance team is on the ground in the CNMI which includes personnel covering 14 different disciplines. The surge in ER visits is expected to continue with recovery-related injuries expected.


Public Health and Outreach Services


A Public health team will be conducting health assessments today, Friday, in villages on both Saipan and Tinian. Planning for medical outreach to villages is currently underway.


Health Behaviors that the Public are Urged to Adopt

  • Wash hands often. Washing hands is the simplest and most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable disease.


  • Wash hands after using the bathroom or changing diapers and before eating or preparing food.


  • Wash hands more often when helping someone who has diarrhea or vomiting.


  • Avoid shaking hands with others if you’re feeling ill.


  • Use alcohol-based hand rub when soap and water are not nearby.


  • Ensure food that requires refrigeration is kept cool until consuming. Cook foods thoroughly, and if you have any indication that a food has spoiled (unusual color, texture, odor), throw it out.


  • People who are feeling ill or experiencing vomiting or diarrhea should not be involved in food preparation.


  • Boil water before drinking, for cooking, or for use with baby formula.


Follow the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. page on Facebook and local news outlets for further health updates.


Saipan International Airport & Saipan Seaport



The Port of Saipan is awaiting the US Coast Guard assessment of navigational aids. Should the Captain of the Port, USCG issue clearance, the Port of Saipan dockside will be able to conduct day light operations only.


The Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport is currently closed. The airport sustained severe damage. At this time, there is no refueling; the power is not at a hundred percent; the navigation aides are inoperable; the terminal suffered flooding along with structural damage. Because of its condition, the airport is estimated to open with limitations on Sunday, Oct.r 28, 2018.


The CPA would like to inform all that it will only operate on daylight hours. Flights will be restricted to humanitarian and relief goods, and flights that are picking up outbound passengers only. There will be no flights with inbound passengers (tourists) until further notice.



Tinian International Airport also sustained damage from Typhoon Yutu. Power restoration is currently ongoing and is not operating at a hundred percent. Because of this, flight operations are limited to humanitarian and relief goods only. The airport is estimated to open within a week.


The Port of Tinian remains closed and is undergoing assessments. Updates will be provided as they become available.



Benjamin Taisacan Manglona International Airport is open.


The Port of Rota is still undergoing assessment. As updates become available, notice will be provided.


Tourists and visitors


At this time the tourism industry is in its initial stages of recovery. Saipan International Airport is temporarily closed and under assessment. Utility crews have begun work to restore power on Saipan and Tinian. Many hotels have independent power and water generation and remain open, while others have reduced services or are closed due to damage. Major roads and most secondary roads are accessible, and beaches remain open. Visitors planning on traveling to the Marianas are encouraged to check with their individual hotels and/or airline for further details.


Ironman 70.3 Saipan schedule for Oct. 27, 2018, has been cancelled. For more information, visit the official CNMI government website at or official Facebook page


Public Safety


The Dept. of Public Safety will be increasing public patrol to ensure safety of residents. Additional substations will be open.


Waste disposal


Green waste, metal and white goods are being accepted for disposal at the Solid Waste Facility in Puerto Rico, Saipan. Drop-off times are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday.


Public Works Secretary James A. Ada has announced the waiver of tipping fees for all residential customers beginning Oct. 26, 2018. The person or entity applying for waiver of tipping fees will need to sign a declaration under penalty of perjury stating that the refuse was generated by Super Typhoon Yutu or describing the public benefit to be gained by granting of a waiver for non-typhoon-based refuse and stating the volumetric capacity to be disposed. Tipping fees will be based on the signed declaration.


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