Another Mayday? Ai A Day!


“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

—Albert Einstein (1879-1955), who formulated the theory of relativity.


“Mayday”—an international radio telephone signal for help that is used by ships and aircraft in distress—is short for the French phrase “venez m’aider” (come help me).

American singer, songwriter, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Dylan was born May 24,1941. Still performs at 82. Below is a parody of his beautiful song titled Forever Young.


Artificial Intelligence: Advice  Information and Added Interest for Aging Ignoramuses


AI: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE , a new cyber buzzword

AI: coming for, with, in front of, behind and over the top of you

AI: with purloined provenance, parlance, and shoddy elegance

AI: what is it? why use it? how do you use it ? what can you do?

AI: use your due diligence, use your innate inherent intelligence

AI: use whatever education you have, your brain, do your duty

AI: at all times try to be on both the defense and the offense

AI: and of course use your common sense and your ingenuity

AI: check with IT specialists, grammar, middle, and HS students

AI: check for new rules and regulations in all fields of education

AI: check with experts you may know in the field of jurisprudence

AI: check and review all new local, state, and national legislation

AI: What’s the outcome, the onslaught, of the ongoing AI tsunami ?

AI: Why don’t you ask an AI genie or some slick cyber swami ?


“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

—Stephen Hawking, Cambridge Professor of Physics, cosmologist, discoverer of Hawking radiation. He did groundbreaking research on black holes. (1942-2018)


“Claiming that complex outputs arising from even more complex inputs is ‘emergent behavior’ is like finding a severed finger in a hotdog and claiming the hotdog factory has learned to create fingers.”

—Theodore Kim, an associate professor of computer science at Yale University, in an opinion piece that was republished in Saipan Tribune.


May You Only Slowly Grow Senescent

(Parody of the Bob Dylan song Forever Young)


May your brain stay bright and your head stay clear

May kind loving thoughts for others predominate

May both your eyes avoid shedding a single tear

May your ears enjoy both minor key and dominant

May you continue to learn when and how not to fight

And argue less and less with all those that you love

As you sing and dance throughout eternal night

Stand up for your beliefs when push comes to shove

May you keep your heart wide open to all the poor

Immigrants whether their entry is legal or not

Stay away from lying politicos and followers for sure

Stay away from entangling arguments when they get hot.

May the rest of your life be peaceful and pleasant.

May you only very slowly grow to be senescent.


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