As perennial as the grass


Reportedly, Gov. Ralph Torres and others are under investigation by the FBI, though no explanation was given what’s it about. This has turned into wild fodder on Facebook and elsewhere.

However, he’s explained himself in a subsequent letter. Whether he cleared the air depends on readers’ perception.

As this unravels, a source said some 35 people would be indicted this year. Makes it sound like this is supposed to be the “Year of Indictments”—an evolving rumor that is equally troubling.

Interesting how this has turned into daily coffee shop talk all over. In the midst of the mounting controversy is the use of the term corruption as though ordinary vocabulary these days. Is it as perennial as the grass?

Across the sea the thematic term is “impeach,” though Democrats (Dems) are hardly unified and find it difficult making its self-concocted crime stick against the Donald.

He didn’t violate the Constitution on impeachment nor did he commit high crime on his own.

Dems don’t like him so they hurled their opinions, convinced it has risen to the level of constitutional violation. It’s nothing more than a vacuous delusional narrative to derail Trump’s re-election. Sounds clever, though equally dumb!
A legislative answer loaded with partisan politics can never replace the voice of 63 million people who placed the Donald in the WH.

Off-island medical care is costing the NMI some $15 million per year. The annual expenditure is as perennial as the grass.

Though we may have done our homework to pare cost down, there are medical cases that require specialty that isn’t available at CHC. Thus the referral to hospitals off-island. Reality!

Moreover, as I was sitting with other patients in Honolulu, I heard painful experiences they had to endure with difficult medical conditions. But a lot pertains to personal negligence.

I’ve had my share of it and it’s no picnic either. Your mind is constantly occupied with whether your loved one would survive. It’s a very stressful trip riddled with heavy issues lodged in your mind persistently, too. It’s fueled by the discomforts of critical illness awaiting treatment.

We may wish to improve services at CHC and the folks have gone out of their way to do so. But it takes millions of dollars to do it with money we don’t have in the coffers. It means we must work a little harder. For now, it’s all about staying healthy daily!

The quarterly collection of taxes has changed to monthly. This seems to indicate problems with revenue generation on the islands. Is this the case or an inconsequential administrative issue?

Want more money? Either we raise more taxes or work the clock to encourage lasting investments. It’s a monumental task. Moreover, while we aspire for more investments what else is there beyond the triad? Must go beyond conventional wisdom!

Have we explored why the stagnation of investments? It’s good to know to explore why the slowdown or why Nippon investments simply exited without hesitancy. Does it matter? Beyond a dysfunctional legislative body, what else do we have where cranial faculties are used constructively to the hilt?

Trump didn’t commit “high crime” as provided under pertinent constitutional provision governing impeachment. So how could Dems impeach him when there’s no commission of a crime?

Understood the Donald’s grand success on the economy, creation of nearly seven million good-paying jobs and tax reduction, among others. It seems Dems find the Donald’s success difficult to match. If you work hard finding table issues you could make it. As it is, most understand very clearly that the Donald has succeeded in towering fashion.

Da Boysis must do something better beyond complacency. After all, it benefits countrymen if there’s a choice be it on jobs or what have you inherent in a plan. The apparent lack of leadership and vision only strengthens Trump’s re-election. Dems must first seek serious reorganization with the vision to embracing unity so it speaks with a single voice.

Who among Dems’ presidential contenders stands the strongest chance against the Donald? Is it Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, or Bloomberg?

Indeed, multi-billionaire Bloomberg has all the money to fight Trump but would he emerge the Dems’ presidential candidate? Furthermore, is it okay to allow the top post to be decided by those with tons of money over “we the people?”

It takes a lot of money for the greasiest pole in Washington. The Dems could do it if it retreats for some realistic realignment of its priorities that begins with party unity.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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