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C.O.V.I.D.: Connolly Offers Vivid Image Dreams

A 14-line sonnet

Visions of a Coronavirus
A host of RNA (ribonucleic acid) activity scowls 
in a laboratory’s electron microscope’s base. 
Every era every century every decade has its crowns
Vikings had helmets that sprouted animal horns
Jesus was mocked at death with a crown of thorns
POTUS 45 spoke, then lied about a variety of porns
Various crowns have donned the heads of kings
queens, princes and princesses throughout the world
adorned with jewels, gold, silver and assorted blings
as they sat on thrones with country’s flags unfurled
The novel coronavirus COVID-19 to today’s date
is sickening and killing thousands around the globe
scientists are studying its novelty and subsequent fate
as international laboratories make a serious probe
peering into electron microscopes they research and
search for a vaccine to give the entire world hope.
COVID 19 – Scared Into My Wits
“But that’s the reality of this. I tell people my job isn’t to scare you out of your wits; it’s to scare you into your wits.”
—Michael Osterholm, U.S. epidemiologist speaking about a possible new wave of coronavirus in the fall.
COVID-19 is sweeping throughout our nation
mixed messages come from our leaders in D.C.
they say one thing then don’t follow the situation
45 and V.P. don’t wear masks as all see on TV.
Some states will partially open and some won’t
social distancing is practiced in public places
some restaurants space tables apart some don’t
in grocery stores most wear masks on their faces.
COVID-19 gives many senior citizen homes a hard hit
disease, death, case numbers are sky-high in meat plants
citizens are advised to learn all they can and use their wit
as COVID 19 pandemic does a grievous global dance
The more I learn about it the virus gives me shivering fits
I’m not scared witless but literally scared into my wits.

Joey aka Pepe Batbon is a retired educator who taught in the CNMI, NOLA, and LVNV. He is a sonnet practitioner who enjoys stargazing.


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