Excellent job for GCA students

Posted on Feb 06 2014

Congratulations to all GCA January 2014 islandwide competition winners! With great dedication and hard work, these students have achieved beyond what is expected, placing high ranks in the January PGFC, NJFL, NFL, and Thespians competitions. We would like to thank all the parents, volunteer judges, and coaches for their support and all the help they have given. The GCA family would like to especially thank the GCA competitors for doing the best they can in accomplishing their goals. Below is the list of all the winners for all divisions.


Impromptu Speaking A[/B] Kei Lizama, 1st place
Briston James Jones, 2nd place
Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 3rd place
Rex Adam Pixley, 4th place

[B]Impromptu Speaking B[/B] Nestor Ablog Jr., 1st place
William Matthew Cano, 3rd place
Earl Jean Pantaleon, 4th place

[B]Readers Forum A[/B] Nestor Ablog Jr., 5th place

[B]Readers Forum Masters A[/B] Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 1st place
Julianna Rue Magtalas, 2nd place
Tae Hee Kim, 4th place

[B]Readers Forum Masters B[/B] Lance Andrei Lerio, 4th place
Rex Adam Pixley, 5th place

[B]Dramatic Interpretation A[/B] Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 2nd place

[B]Humorous Interpretation A[/B] Tae Hee Kim, 2nd place

[B]Duo Interpretation B[/B] Julianna Rue Magtalas, 3rd place
Katelyn Mafnas, 3rd place


Impromptu Speaking A[/B] Brandie Matsumoto, 1st place
Gianpaolo Borromeo, 3rd place
Maria Elizabeth Bonto, 4th place

[B]Reader’s Forum Masters A[/B] Julia Ji Hae Kim, 3rd place

[B]Reader’s Forum Masters C[/B] Matthew Gabriel Ernest, 5th place

[B]Reader’s Forum Masters D[/B] Deancey Adriel Chua, 4th place

[B]Reader’s Forum Masters E[/B] Karissa Roselyn Quichocho, 2nd place
Ryan Daproza, 4th place

[B]Dramatic Interpretation A[/B] Steven Adriatico, 5th place

[B]Humorous Interpretation A[/B] Gianpaolo Borromeo, 2nd place

[B]Humorous Interpretation B[/B] Matthew Gabriel Ernest, 4th place
[B] [B]PGFC coordinator:[/B] Esther Manzano
K5 coach:[/B] Galilee Neal
[B][B]1st Grade coach:[/B] Leah Garfil

(6TH-8TH GRADE)[/B] [B]Extemporaneous Speech [/B] Hyun In Noh, 1st place
Jim Michael Ham, 3rd place

[B]Original Oratory [/B] Hyun In Noh, 2nd place
Jim Michael Ham, 3rd place

[B]Impromptu Speech [/B] Dianne Arnold, 1st place
Jim Michael Ham, 2nd place
Martin Angelo Pangilinan, 3rd place
Tae Yong Kim, 3rd place
Hyun In Noh, 5th place

[B]Prose Reading Masters [/B] Melody Woo, 2nd place

[B]Poetry Reading Masters A[/B] Esther Kim, 4th place

[B]Duo Interpretation A[/B] You Sun Lee, 3rd place
Esther Kim, 3rd place
Tae Yong Kim, 4th place
Sejin Kim, 4th place

[B]Humorous Interpretation [/B] Melody Woo, 1st place

[B]Dramatic Interpretation [/B] Melody Woo, 1st place

[B]Impromptu Speech [/B] Dianne Arnold, 1st place

[B]Story Telling [/B] Dianne Arnold, 1st place


Original Oratory [/B] Minna Ito, 1st place

[B]Prose Reading [/B] Dong Ha Lee, 1st place
Tae Yong Kim, 2nd place
Rebekah Kim, 3rd place

[B]Prose Reading Masters [/B] Dong Ha Lee, 1st place
Rebekah Kim, 1st place
Minna Ito, 2nd place
Yujin Lee, 3rd place

[B]Dramatic Interpretation [/B] Dong Ha Lee, 1st place
Yujin Lee, 1st place

[B]Story Telling [/B] Yujin Lee, 1st place

[B]Expository Speech [/B] Minna Ito, 3rd place

[B]Duo Interpretation [/B] Rebekah Kim, 1st place
Daniel Kim, 1st place

(6TH-12TH GRADE)[/B] [B]Monologue[/B] Melody Woo, 1st place

[B]Solo Musical [/B] Dianne Arnold, 1st place
Rebekah Kim, 4th place

[B]THESPIANS/NJFL/NFL coordinator:[/B] Ami Joy Danganan

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